OP Levels and Farming

Actually having fired it, I like this with the rocket speed, makes it actually usable at more than one foot of distance :smiley:

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if you want Ive got a bit of gear thats between op4 and op6. Im pretty sure I reset round about then and I farmed the pimps and sandhawks with a mule so I should have spares.
I can probably get on some time tomorrow to have a look for you.

I won’t say no, good of you to offer. However I do seem to have a method down that, because i’m using Salvador, means I don’t need a new Pimp, and don’t use anything other than Grog+DPUH, 72 slag pimp with a on level Nukem in my main hand. I know it’s a glitch of sorts, but it works.

I have taken to farming the Torgue machines for a new DPUH and Nukem after every run now. That said I won’t say no, everything helps!

No probs.
Ill find out which account its on and let u know.

The name change makes sense to me. Vladof’s “thing” in the BL universe is that they’re the Russian gun manufacturer (never mind that the concept of “Russian” doesn’t make a lot of sense in a very-far-future interstellar civilization - maybe Mr. Vladof is a huge history buff just like Mr. Jakobs, but for a different place and time). Naming the best Vladof sniper rifle after the best Russian sniper makes sense; naming it after the best person to snipe Russians really doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Back on topic, I’d love to see a Peak guide. I’ll have to find the one you mentioned by Handsome_Dad, since my visits to the Peak are with Maya…


I think he’s got a Zer0 one as well - and of course the outstanding

from @Sun_Tsunami

Really, if I thought I could pull it off with some help, I would do it - I can format it well enough but my content would be laughable.


Thank you for the tag ins, @Jefe! I started class specific guides for

Axton Axton's Digistruct Peak, area specific strategies

And Zero Zero's Digistruct Peak, area specific strategies

As well as Maya. Participation in the Axton one was disappointing, since I’m aim the minority as a Double Up + Gemini runner with him. I had hoped that some of the veteran Axton guys running explosive builds would help out with their takes on each area.

Zero got better coverage, between my thread and the melee Zero thread you linked by @Sun_Tsunami. @dotanuki’s reappearance at that time was a very welcome surprise.

What I haven’t yet done is a level by level guide. That really is a good call out. Maybe we can get some people to collaborate on that.


It would be a fantastic resource for those approaching the Peak. I would love to see it broken down level by level in brief ; elemental resistances ; general tactics for surveyors, bosses, spiderants, etc ; when to retool and with what and where to get it.

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I’ve been thinking of trying my Thoughtlock Maya on the Peak but not sure how well she’d do considering I’m having trouble clearing Tier 3 of Horde of Horrors :grinning:. Also, my new Axton is a Nuke/Gemini with explosive weapons- if I take him to the Peak I’ll try to keep notes…

Ok guys, some advice if you don’t mind. I’ve had no luck farming a new Neo for Sal just now, my current one is OP3, will that be ok for OP5 or should I really just keep going until I get an OP5 version? I do love the shield, but I am aware that OP5 is where things start to ramp up in difficulty (from what i’ve read).

Also, so far my DPUH+Grog/Nukem+Slag Pimp seems very effective ( of course), is this going to continue to work all the way through, or should I start learning new setups? I know these tactics are cheap, my thinking was if I can get Sal to OP8, he can then help me farm gear for all my other characters when I try them in the peak.

i mentioned the white death because surveyors can be one of the harder things to deal with in the peak before OP 6 or so. its helps to keep a singularity on you too, its good for the assassins among other things

As for the deputy build, i have tried guns other than the ROM, and none of them seemed better than a standard grog/harold build

you might want to look into a blockade or antagonist too, i think they are better than the neogenerator.

I appreciate the tips, thank you. I have been taking care of Surveyors with the Pimpernel and so far it’s worked out ok.

Everything I farm suddenly disappears from my game… no Neos after around 50 runs, so trying for storm fronts, and same thing happening :frowning:

A good shield (and easy to farm) is the Rough Rider. It will probably be the only shield you will need for Sal.

Other people suggested that I use the Neo or Evo for the peak?

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ever tried the blockade or antagonist? i think they are the best defensive shields in the game

not the easiest to farm, but there is a trick for seraph crystals

not sure if it works on the handsome collection though. i just delete uvhm 1 and 2, then farm crystals at level 50 uvhm. then reinstall the two dlcs and buy op 8 gear

Neither shield is particularly great on Sal. Crystals are easy to farm, yes, but even though those two shields are great in general, Sal benefits from a fast recharge delay which neither of those have.

I found that playing as a solo Sal in the peak, that I would have WAY too much trouble with flying enemies.

If he doesn’t have a Maya to phaselock them, or an Axton to turret them, some parts can be a real hassle.

So, having a way to deal with those kinds of enemies is ideal. Probably grenades that seek might help. Or buddying up later on.

Pimpernel Nukem glitch seems to work, one shot takes out badass surveyors. Admittedly that is only where i’m up to (Done OP4), i’m sure later it’ll be more of a nightmare.

I actually use the Blockade as my go-to on Sal for nearly all content, from Murderlin’s to Voracidous. I don’t worry about the delay because it’s always broken, anyway. The benefits are the constant damage reduction, and the lack of health boost. Not having a health boost means my health is easier to top off. For perspective’s sake, I can throw a Quasar and the tesla effect after the initial burst keeps me constantly topped off for a few seconds. The damage reduction also applies across the board, where adapt shields only cover a single element at a time. When you factor in bullet impact and melee, Blockade wins.

That’s just my position, though. I cherry picked advice on my way to OP8 and found some different approaches that worked for me. You may be able to do the same.


I took my first Maya solo to OP8 with Thought Lock. It is maddening in some places, no doubt. The Assassins get really ****ing weird with their behaviors, surveyors are screwy, etc. Despite the erratic behavior, I actually found the Assassins easier with TL. If I Locked Oney, Reeth would throw those damn fire axes at him and leave me alone. It bought me a lot of time to set my feet and pour on the damage.

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