OP Levels and Farming

So I died again… same part as well. :angry:

It’s dumb too, I know I can do it. But twice in a row now i’ve been distracted by a fuc… damn surveyor, only to get wasted by an Ultimate Badass Loader. And of course in FFYL I can’t seem to do the damage I normally do for some reason.

Heh, I need to stop being so stupid :smiley:

That’s the gag with the Peak : one gets lulled into a false sense of security with OP0-3 ( I believe I used these very words recently for my Gaige run ).

When the turrets, double or triple Scorch’s, Queens , surveyors, all Assassins at once, D’s Ma start coming at you all at once, it can get f-ing hard damn quick.

You just learn it eventually.


All. Assassins… At… Once?



Yup. Get a Quasar.

Edit: this forum needs a Peak guide, level by level, general tactics ( not toon specific ), elements, etc. @Handsome_Dad has a good version for Maya but a text guide for all would be pimp.


Where would one get that? I have had them before at low levels (which I guess would work?) but is there a source or is it just midget RNG?

If you haven’t come across one already, don’t bother: Vermi drops them sometimes. Find any slag, shock or corrosive lobbed or longbow purple singularity with under 1 second fuse. If you have a good low level Quasar, that’ll work.

UBA Varkids are a source for Quasars. It’s not too hard to farm for in Caustic caverns by making Varkids fight a crystallisk while you wait for UBA spawns safely outside the carnage. The drop chance seems worse than legendaries farmed from uniquely named sources but I might just imagine it or have had bad luck. Getting one on level or at least 72 should provide you with a decent healing source if you are wielding a grog or rubi in either of your hands. Low level ones can stun enemies but don’t have the healing factor with Moxxi weapons.

All assassins at once happens on the run from OP7 to OP8. On OP8 runs the spawns are randomized so it can happen there but it’s a guaranteed obstacle on the final climb.


I did not know this. I thought only Vermi dropped them. All my Quasars are world drops.

The advice Mordecai gives when you try to get into the WEP for the first time holds true on the Peak- when facing anything and surveyors, shoot something until nearly dead and wait for the surveyor to come and heal it. When it does, KILL THEM! Seriously, damage the loader to draw the surveyor out and then kill them. Surveyors- especially in the area just before OMGWTH- tend to fly off and get stuck in the background like cliffs or what not. Try NOT to leave them for last- even if you have A.O.E. weapons there’s no guarantee the damn thing has parked itself in a spot where you can hit it. As for getting all the Assassins at once, I went with Storm Front- a bit easier of a farm and covers such a large area that with Double Your Fun you can basically carpet bomb them while healing with the Grog out…


Well I finished OP4, finally.

I don’t mind telling you all that I did it like a scumbag :smiley:


Here’s some background trivia on the subject.

The ROM isn’t the only viable shottie for that build.


Basically they replaced honouring a Finn who killed Soviets to honouring a Soviet that Nazis. Sounds political :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did I just get a perfect Nukem from the machine? I’m not well educated on parts but from the parts image I have, this is about perfect??

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It’s pretty much perfect yeah! Tediore sight is usually best though, since it reduces reload speed. The Maliwan sight allows the Nukem rocket to travel further I think, which is cool too :slight_smile:

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Ah, ok. But still, if it’s going to be short one thing, I guess the sight is the thing :smiley:

Another couple of videos for you all to laugh at!


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When it comes to rocket launchers, yeah. Sights on rocket launchers, and on rocket launchers only, can improve reload speed, accuracy, missile speed or fire rate. See: http://imgur.com/gallery/8xsH0

Actually having fired it, I like this with the rocket speed, makes it actually usable at more than one foot of distance :smiley:

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if you want Ive got a bit of gear thats between op4 and op6. Im pretty sure I reset round about then and I farmed the pimps and sandhawks with a mule so I should have spares.
I can probably get on some time tomorrow to have a look for you.

I won’t say no, good of you to offer. However I do seem to have a method down that, because i’m using Salvador, means I don’t need a new Pimp, and don’t use anything other than Grog+DPUH, 72 slag pimp with a on level Nukem in my main hand. I know it’s a glitch of sorts, but it works.

I have taken to farming the Torgue machines for a new DPUH and Nukem after every run now. That said I won’t say no, everything helps!

No probs.
Ill find out which account its on and let u know.