Op levels digistruct peak

Heya need some help doing op 6…7 and 8 any help appreciated must have mic

I just ran through this last night for a fella. I am willing to do it again. I always hope for rare drops in the Peak. I run it at OP8 and will just keep running it to get you to the cap. :wink:

GT: Kurtdawg13
hit me up. I’ll be home around 4-5pm PDT.

What times that in the uk m8…ill b up for that

Also wanna do my mechro but got do all op levels

You are 8 hours ahead of me. So at 5pm my time it’ll be 1am your time. Can you swing that? That’s pretty late. :smile:

I dont think so cause work if didnt prob could

maybe we can attempt this on the weekend? I get up early…