OP Levels from 9-10

The base level increase was great, but the OP levels made our already OP weapons turned level 80 guns irrelevant if you wanted to achieve higher level of completion.

With the introduction of OP levels 9-10 I have to regrind my gear again. I understand that the game originally tracked level 72 OP weapons, but now it feels like I’m starting from scratch again. Does anyone else have a problem with how these levels were added in with little consideration to what we had already done or do you guys think I am being spoiled and this isn’t worth getting worked up over? I am curious to hear your thoughts.


I think it was a bad idea to mess with the levels in this DLC. They could have just left it at 72 OP8. Perhaps they could have added the extra OP levels to the existing level system. I see the level cap raise as a pointless exercise except to feed the already addicted more drugs in time for Borderlands 3.


I don’t think you are wrong. We’ve had this discussion in several different threads, and the reactions are pretty diverse. There are folks who are happy about the level cap increase, there are folks who are way salty about having to regrind for their gear, and there’s a few like me who are somewhere in the middle. It’s a personal thing, and no two folks feel exactly the same. It’s changed how I feel I’m going to approach the game going forward. I’ll probably get my toons to 80 and treat climbing the peak like taking a day trip into the woods. I also don’t have a huge amount of quest reward items I’m dependent on and far less picky about parts, and I think that’s a big part of why I’m less salty than others. But I totally understand why other people’s feelings are different than mine.

TL;DR: I’m not that worked up over it, but I totally understand why others are and I sympathize with them, and by extension you.


here are some thoughts.



That link is no good nat. That’s the thread I referred to when I said it was “misplaced”.

I’m all raged out and have gotten to work dealing with it. But most know how snippy I was (hint: extremely) when this first hit. Once this is all done, I’ll be happy with the changes.


Bad idea or not it’s here to stay and I actually kind of want that additional challenge but you are correct it will be a total pita to try and grind all new gear.

So I’m trying to work out in my head what is the minimalistic grind I could do to actually get to 10. Because once I’ve hit 10 everything I grind is gravy from there on.

I am trying to put together a list in my head of regrindable gear that I could fairly easily acquire to get to 10 as easily as possible.

WITHOUT doing a Playthru reset and going through that pain.

MAGIC MISSILE at least a Blue one

Other existing gear might suffice…Grog etc

Ideas welcome…


I don’t really know what to think of it. It feels like a really strange decision to go making such fundamental changes at this point in the games life as now it just feels like it’s not the same anymore which, I’d assume, is a rather strong feeling among anyone who has played it all this time.

On the other hand throwing me 8 more skill points is something I won’t say no to and don’t hate. I don’t think most top builds got that much out of it but it does help some more marginal builds out by allowing them to do their thing better. Or at least it did mine and I’m all for that. Then again this could’ve probably been handled in a different way that wouldn’t have involved raising the level (BL1 Moxxi and Claptrap DLC’s give you skill points as quest rewards).
Then again we also got OP10 which messes with the gear anyway if you want to play at max difficulty.

I don’t think these changes would be horrid had they come out in like 2016 or something. Doing it now just changes how it has been for what seems like forever for no apparent reason. I don’t hate it but it doesn’t feel as familiar anymore.

Just a funny observation here at the end:
The level cap has been 50, then 61, then 72 and now 80. Had they gone with same pattern and ended up with 83 we could have reached all 3 capstones. I honestly would’ve liked that. I mean if we have this huge changes then just let me go all out.


When I heard about this DLC I pulled out the old skill calculator site and low and behold:

TWO double-barreled, rocket spewing, shielded, slag turrets with a LONG duration time …

That I can throw ANYWHERE…

With Grit fully specced…

That DOESN’T give up ANY damage in the Gunpowder Tree…

Has me salivating LOL


And do or die


And that new Relic that gives you FFYL time at the peak for like 6 days and two hours…

Well it’s not really THAT long but it is RIDICULOUSLY long LOL


Yup…The problem with the double turret builds was you always had to give up soooo much in Gunpowder. Because a slag turret was pretty much essential in UVHM upwards…

And Gunpowder is the guts of Axton.


I read all current opinions in this thread after a couple of hours and read everyones experiences while also talking to my friend, who is new to the Borderlands series if he should or should not go for the OP levels. To keep it short and sweet if you are a new player and are enjoying the game if you want that extra jump in challenge, it is no going to be as bad for new players like him. that and the OP levels are optional to be fair. For the rest of us who grinded through the lvl 72 OP levels, from my experience and opinion it is not worth the grind we already did, considering players in my demographic of the player base are by a defacto result starting from square one from OP 0. If the devs have added just the OP levels instead of base level increase this would not be as much of a problem. What are you opinions on my opinion. How should Gearbox handle this going into BL3, if they were to implement this again if so how, or should this not be something they should add for endgame?


BarryFuller I agree with what you are saying. If these levels were added the way you described it would make the leveling more tolerable and less of a grind. OP levels 9-10 when unlocked could be used by players as a challenge to unlock OP 10 gear using OP 8 weapons, as a power challenge with friends or solo the DLC campaign with this handicap in power in mind on the first day.


which relic is that?

It’s the Hard Carry. Worn in conjunction with the Peak Opener rifle and Easy Mode shield it gives you some insane FFYL time. I think 2 minutes or more.

The relic only needs to have the shield on for the health bonus and FFYL timer bonus. The rifle gets a damage bonus from wearing the shield but isn’t needed for the relic.

I thought one of those bonuses required all three items, but I believe you. If I was going to use them I’d probably go all or nothing, but minimum requirements are pertinent info. Do you think I should point that out in the thread dedicated to the new DLC gear?. I appreciate the correction.

I have no problems with regrinding gear or working out new strategies - it’s why I’m on Pandora!


I dunno, I just thought I’d mention you don’t need to use the rifle for that if you don’t like it. The shield seems to be the thing that gives the extra Peak power to both the rifle and the relic.

And these changes are the one time where I’m OK with never being able to get a character to OP8, I didn’t get hit so hard by re-gearing.
Of course, it also means I’ll never make 4 OP levels now, not just two :slight_smile: