OP levels gone?!

Hi guys. Just now cleared OP7 with a friend, turned in the quest and remade the game to push for OP8. As he entered the game, he found all of his OP+ gear he had equipped in his bags, and all of his OP levels gone.
We have cleared the entire game together, and he is pretty pissed about it. All of my OP levels are still there. If anyone knows anything about how this could have happened I would love some help!
Some info if it helps: I was hosting (Online Friends Only), I was maya he was kreig, he started the quest at tannis for OP7, I turned in the quest to tannis after we completed it.
I have not been able to find anything online about this, so any advice or help would be awesome. Thanks!

We opened a ticket with support as well.
It took us forever to get through those OP peak runs. so this is quite annoying : (

I’ve heard of this happening before.

Now, it could either be a horrible bug, assuming you went right from OP 7 to OP 8.

Or, from what I’ve heard, if you mess with a certain 3rd party thingymajing you can screw up your OP levels and have them be reset so the game doesn’t recognize that you should be able to hold them.