OP levels help, in borderlands 2

I did the first mission to get my OP level one, it showed the message that I received it. I saved and quit to the main menu and when I reselected my character and I picked true vault hunter mode a second box poped up for the op lvl,s but it disappeared before I could select what to do. I tried ove and over saving and quiting loading my character and everything but nothing! I can’t get the op setting to pop up. :pray::sob:Please help! On Xbox One

first question, because you mention TVHM, you are Level 72? also for people that want me to take them through OP levels, I also ask, You have at least started UVHM?

if below level 72, then OP runs do not count, you must be level 72 for OP runs to count, otherwise it’s just good practice.

the reason for my second question, there is a known bug/glitch that can affect anyone that Levels all the way up into the OP Levels without finishing NVHM & TVHM first, and that is you might lose that OP status and have to redo it all over after you’ve started UVHM.

main menu, first Screen, Select toon

next 2nd Screen if all requirements for OP levels met, will ask what OP level you want to play at, “Y” increases, “X” lowers OP levels
then enter game

you might also enter the game if you have OP 1 gear, Can you equip it? if so then no problem, there is also a Known glitch specific to Xbox 1 (maybe other New Consoles?) where a box comes up and says something to this effect “Cannot complete OP Levels Download incomplete”, if so just ignore it as it’s just code error.

if it’s none of what I mentioned you might file a report here, https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200330430-Borderlands-The-Handsome-Collection1