OP levels?help question

I completed two rounds at Digistruct but am only able to increase my op level by one.What gives?I got the purple weapon as a reward.If I have to play through at op1 to unlock op2 did i screw myself by doing round 2 at 72?Will I still be able to get to op8?

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In order to “activate” an OP level, you need to save/quit and reload the game at which time you’ll get this screen:


Then manually increase your level ( as seen in the options bar on the bottom )
I hope I’ve understood your question correctly.


Piggybacking on @Jefe’s post, this means that you have to save quit, increase your difficulty by 1, then go back in and complete the next Peak run in order to unlock the next OP level. If you don’t do this, you’ll keep going through the same run over and over, without advancing.


Yes, just do as @Jefe and @Handsome_Dad say and you will progress to OP 8

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Thanks for the help.I thought there was only a set amount of quests for Digistruct.

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Also if it wasn’t self-evident, one can decrease one’s level. So once at OP8, you can take your OP8 gear and launch the game at OP0 so you can farm bosses for crystals or gear for up-and-coming characters.

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Or if your farming a rewrd with a mission chain (like flame of the firehawk).
Drop back to 72 , blow through all the missions until the one that actually gives the reward.
Quit out and bump back up before accepting the final part of the quest.

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