OP levels... supposed to feel weaker and weaker?

This seems odd, the higher OP level my Gaige gets the more nerfed she gets. I’m leveling UP this character, why is each level more nerfed than the previous one lol? I’m OP4 and have an OP4 Bee, with an OP4 redundant shock fibber, she ain’t gonna get any more powerful.

Yet at OP4 it takes a lot longer to kill enemies than it did on OP3, which was longer than OP2. If your toon feels more and more nerfed, where exactly is the incentive to level up? I’ve played a bajillion ARPGs and compared to the D3 with the all the new changes this feels utterly backwards.

Enemies are overpowered, not you. You are getting weaker with each level, the op levels are for those that want a challenge, of you don’t want that don’t play them.


You stop leveling at 72, but your enemies don’t in the OP levels. However, you get access to better gear to help offset the extra damage and health your enemies have. As Derch said, it’s for those of us who want a greater challenge, but it’s completely optional as to whether or not you take advantage of the new levels or not.

[quote=“blawsonhull, post:1, topic:522505”]where exactly is the incentive to level up?[/quote]Once you get to OP8, you open up a range of potential enemy nerfs and weapon buffs (or vice versa, if OP8 is too easy). That gibberish Tannis is talking about with her ‘overpower upgrade to your echo device’? She’s quite serious.

Once at OP8, you can then choose (whenever you want) to play at a lower level with any level weapon. If your preferred difficulty level is, say, late TVHM, you can emulate this by taking your OP8 character (with the OP8 gear) to, maybe, OP5? Want an easier fight? Just pick a lower OP level… pick the difficulty level you like most at any given time.

If you’re so inclined, you can also use this system to make weapons stronger, but this is a little more complicated.

You are still level 72. Realistically speaking, there’s no such thing as “I’m OP4”. When you unlock an OP level, your enemies keep leveling up, but you’re still just a level 72 character that now can use OP weapons. That’s where the challenge is. The OP levels aren’t exactly extra levels for your character, it’s a just an increase in difficulty. So yeah, basically, your character is supposed to feel weaker and weaker with each OP level you unlock.

Ok I guess that makes more sense. So really if you enjoy 72 there’s no reason to OP level, though if all they are trying to get across is HaRD mode they could have left out the weapons. Just make the enemies harder and harder

Doubt a lvl72 weapon can do anything against a lvl80/81 enemy.
For me, OP8 is where the fun starts. Exhausting but fun.

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Well they actually can do tons of damage, when some skills are activated for each character.

The problem is, is that as enemies get tougher, they gain more and more damage resistance to the point where you can barely scratch them with a level 72 weapon. So if you want to take on OP 8 enemies, you’re better off using OP 8 gear.

Norfleet, Pimp and such perhaps but lets say a Emperor for instance will fall short if you try that.

Gaige with the Slayer of Terramorphous class mod and 600 Anarchy stacks can still deal major damage with the right level 72 Fibber… :grinning:

The OP system is brilliant. Depending on what you like, the model allows you to tailor the difficulty/challenge of the game to your particular tastes. Level 72 weapons on OP3, OP8 weapons vs OP0 difficulty, OP6 weapons vs OP5 difficulty, etc will offer a huge variety of in game experience.

I have a 10 year old daughter who has played up to OP6 with me (through OP2 with my Zero, then I did reruns of OP3-OP6 with her using my Maya). She plays a 26/26/15 Gaige and favors the L. Roboteer and L. Mechromancer coms plus melee shields to make DT crazy. She hadn’t played at OP0 since being flat 72, so I set it to OP0 to get a laugh, and she started laughing like a maniac. She charges DT with a slag plasma caster, so he was flying around annihilating everything, and her OP6 harold vs level 72… yeah.

Meanwhile, I actually enjoy mobbing at current OP difficulty. The Forest, the Dust, Washburn, Southpaw, etc. Anything packed with bad guys. Or Bunker, Warrior, etc kills. That’s a blast for me.

All of this to say, the OP system offers something for everyone.

Even Emperor can do sick damage, except for Axton. He doesn’t have much smg boost, unless its Tediore. But for rest of characters, like I said before : when some skills are activated then you just rekt things. But this also depends about your play style.

You are still losing about 62% damage, it’s just not worth it.

I know the Emperors capabilities really well, but combine huge damage resistence and extra health according to the scaling, it’ll take alot of ammo to kill even the most basic enemy, if that thing is not at the same level.