OP Lilith builds?

I’m curious. My usual go to in BL1 is mordecai for the skullmasher sniper build but I’d like some op builds on lilith. I played Lilith because i wanted to beat the story with all 4 characters, but i never really thought much into second playthrough with anyone but mordecai. If you guys could give me some powerful builds for lilith I’d greatly appreciate it. Preferably builds that dont require pearlescents (i have awful pearl luck)

Classic OP build for Lilith is the Mercenary build (SMG focused com). Another popular and powerful one is the Firefly (with fire weapons). As I recall, I wrote guides to both of those that will cover skill and gear choices, etc. (search this sub forum and you should find them easily). If you’re new to Lilith, I’ll give a suggestion for what skills to take first while leveling (with explanation).

Suggested leveling path:
Controller tree (left tree): first, up to 20 pts (at least 15).
-Diva: +% shield capacity is nice, and it’s the better of the 2 skills at rank 1 in this tree.
-Inner Glow: % max health regen during phasewalk, useful for rebuilding your HP when using Phasewalk defensively (imo it’s best use case, as you also still gain its offensive benefits too).
-Girl Power: +% max shield regen on kill (lasts 7 seconds after the kill, kills during this time refresh the duration). This skill is the reason I suggest rushing this tree first, it’s one of the best tanking skills in the game and synergizes well with Diva to boot. With this and Phasewalk, you will be nigh unkillable.
-*Hard to Get: Optional, but recommended for all Lilith builds eventually, this skill significantly reduces Phasewalk’s cooldown, making your window vulnerability for not having it available after using it significantly shorter. Also synergizes extremely well with Blackout (flat cooldown reduction per kill) over in the Assassin tree (right tree), which is another generally recommended skill for all Lilith builds.

other good skills to pursue earlier on (i.e. later in first PT or early 2nd PT, before you’re high level and looking to finish out your build to whatever you chosen to run):
Controller tree (left tree):
-Mind Games: Daze is a fantastic debuff making enemies shoot and move way slower, and their also much less accurate too. Being able to apply by with your weapons is an incredible tool, and rapid fire weapons ‘roll the dice’ so often that you don’t even need 5/5 in this to pretty reliably Daze enemies in that case (I often run 3/5 on this w/ SMGs/other rapid fire weapons for that reason).
Elemental tree (middle tree):
-Quicksilver: Always on fire rate buff, actually 7%/pt. not stated 5%/pt. (all Fire Rate buffing skills in the game, sans Mordecai’s Relentless, actually understate their real effect, some more than others, I only found that out thanks to the Unreal Editor for Borderlands years ago). Obviously, constant fire rate buff is a very nice thing to have.
Assassin Tree (right tree):
-Enforcer: on-kill spread reduction (this means the accuracy buff here actually reduces your cone of fire noticably, which helps your ability to land shots are range), also buffs bullet damage a little, good with bullet firing weapons, which are generally what Lilith prefers to run.
-High Velocity: Huge increase in bullet velocity (how fast your bullet travel), and some bullet damage as well. Nice increase to DPS+makes shooting at enemies that are far away easier because you don’t have to lead their movements as much. Nice skill to have.