OP/main story question

So this is a question that may have been asked before. We decided to finally finish our UVHM main story. We started our run through Talon of God at OP5 with Axton/Krieg and everything was going along swimingly. Then we got to Jack. and after an hour of chasing that damn surveyor and fighting through 10,000 loaders we still haven’t gotten to the Warrior. We zap the surveyor, he drops his shield, takes ZERO damage, we get mobbed by more loaders and the shield/surveyor come back. WTF(H) are we doing wrong. I know Jack is difficult, but is this just not supposed to be played on OP? Or are we just being stupid…HELP!

Given that there are plenty of folks playing at OP8, I would guess that either your gear & build could use some tweaking, or the game just glitched out on you for some reason.

Why don’t you post which characters you’re using, along with their builds, and what gear you have? I’m sure some of the members with more OP experience can offer some insight once they know what your build and load-out are.

I was thinking it was glitching, as it just didn’t make sense. I’ll try and get a screen shot of the build when I get home. On the last attempt my Axton was loaded with a Leg Soldier Com, a OP2 Bee, 72 SandW, DBL Harold, OP2 Maggie, OP4 Florentine. I also had an Antagonist, Evolution, OP1 Pimp, OP 2 Tattler, Tunguska. My build was basically a DDD Bullet Barrage

My first thought is that the gear you’re using is simply under-leveled. level 72 and ~OP1 anything at OP5 is futile, in my experience.

The only 72 was the Sandhawk, which honestly was a last ditch effort… Annoyingly I’ve had trouble getting at level gear. And don’t even get me started on Doc Mercy in DigiStruck. I’ve been working on that for a week now - grrrrr

on reading his posts that’s what I’m thinking also or at least some of it, some of the Gear/Guns looks close close enough that it should be doable on OP 5, if your intent on using the BEE (and have Tiny Tina’s DLC you may want to Set the game to OP 4 and farm the Treants for a new BEE and the same for anything else that is Less then OP 3, he also didn’t mention what relic he’s using, but it is hard to say more without seeing his build

Sorry, farming him? or getting past him in Digistruck?

I was using Antagonist, the only reason I switched to the Bee was because NOTHING was working. With regards to Mercy, getting past him. I wanted to throw my controller at my TV both with Mercy and Jack

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I would say to still farm or trade for a Better(OP 4 or 5) shield of your choice as that is probably part of why your having trouble, as for Doc Mercy, I agree he can be a bit of a pain

Leg Soldier
Blood Relic
Op2 Strm Ft

You’ve no source of healing outside of your skills- a Rubi, Grog Nozzle, Hail or Kitten would go a long way for you. Personally I’d switch out the Florentine for a Slagga- I’ve never used the Florentine but you really want a higher slag percentage with your slag weapon. The Florentine may serve a dual purpose but a slagging tool should slag consistently, and a Slagga that’s even close to being on level not only does that very well but can also kill enemies outright. Not sure about a Slagga vs Florentine DPS battle but outside of a slag SR I believe the Slagga has the highest slagging chance of any gun (not counting grenades). As for the shield a Blockade, Sham or The Transformer might help as well when taking fire from the loaders, surveyor and Jack. And as for Jack, he’s hard to spot with his clones around- spam a couple of Quasars around him to pull him in and hold him in place then nail him with the DPUH. If your Krieg partner is using Fastballs (and a build that takes advantage of them) even better (you might want to try them yourself). The reason I left out Mag Lock and Phalanx Shield was to use those points to max out resourceful- the faster you get aggro relief by putting the turret out the better. It’s also the reason why I went away from Crisis Management and Last Ditch Effort while maxing out Grit- you don’t want to enter FFL, and putting those points elsewhere should help with that…P.S. the surveyor can glitch itself beneath the flooring of the area- if that happens you’ll have to start the fight all over…

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We actually managed to get thru it. We dropped to OP 4 since that was most of our gear. It took getting Jack cornered out on one of the islands to down him

Thanks guys

Interesting you thought something was glitching, because a couple weeks ago the Jack fight definitely glitched on me. I was fighting him, chased him down to that lava land bridge that leads to an ammo spawn machine… he had thrown up his surveyor and his shield was up, and as we were fighting, I noticed across the map there was ANOTHER surveyor flying around shielding something… I was like WTF and ran over to investigate and sure enough, another (non-doppelganger!)-Jack… I turned around to look back and I still saw the original Jack with his shield and surveyor up. I killed the “new” Jack and that triggered the cutscene and was able to move on to the Warrior luckily.


Sounds like if you push him too far away from his original spawn point, the game just adds him back in without realising that he’s still there! Might be worth hitting the support web site and filing an official bug report.