OP Rubi Question

At what OP level is Rubi no longer viable. The reason I ask is, I did not have a chance to do the loot hunt and do not have a enviseration grog nossel. And prob. Will not be able to get one. Sorry for bad spelling.

Never. It only gets stronger with OP levels.

Oh ok, thats awesome. seems like every body says you need a enviseration grog for high OP levels. Thanks for quick response.

Grog has better healing, ofc, but Rubi will still do the job. No problem!

That’s good to hear. I wanted to try to solo some raid bosses because I just really got into melee zero and all videos I mostly see a bladed grog being used. I will try with Rubi and if I need the extra health, I’ll check out the trade threads. It would be really annoying to keep reseting the game till one randomly spawns with a blade every time I want to do a farming run lol. I played mostly maya all the way to op3, but I gotta say both gun and melee zero fuc+@g kicks ass!!! Badass are nothing to him. Thanks for the info guys