Op run online plz

Hi I’m doing a run on op levels but need help im currently op2 ,any help would be appreciated

I am op 0 but i think i can help

Is Tuesday good for y’all I should be able to get y’all to like op4 without much problem.

Sure thx add me at KID_smurf14 and what is your psn and do you know people that can get to op 8 ? Just asking

I’ll add u next time I’m on. As for op8 if tank can’t help then idk who can. I might be able to but no promises.

I will be back online Wednesday I’m op4 now done that solo with siren ,will use gunzerker to help op you

Thanks truecalling

I’m at op0 too…add me for team play. K-Dog64 on the PS3

Where are man i am waiting flr you

I will be on tonight running op4 up but can help with lower op

Sorry man my wifi wouldn’t let me connect to psn. I should be able to get you up a few open lvls today

Thank-you pie

Turncalling are you on because i went op 8 by today

Online now

Sorry guys my wifi works until I tty to co open then it just quits no clue why. Tried 3 different games and couldnt co op

how you try see what is the problem try looking it up

No worries pie, I’m having the same problem with wifi and the PSN the last few days. I think it’s a PSN problem. Hope we can try again in the next few nights.

Its not my PlayStation its my wifi. I guess it cant handle the extra load from co op but as soon as its fixed I’ll help y’all I swear.

I will be online in an hour

I’ll be on in about an hour too…if you guys can help me get to thru op2 i’d appreciate the help. K-Dog64