Op1-8 help please

I do not want to seem like I’m spamming threads so this is the last one I’m making on the ‘i need help’ crap. All i ask is that get some help getting from op1-8 doesn’t have to be all at once i just want some help in general getting there psn:tracelegacy12

I´ll help you whenever I can. Shoot me a friend request.

@tesanmartin is really an expert at Digistruct :slight_smile: I can also give you a hand sometime if you still need help with op levels. Psn: orange_teacher.

Well you could to send me a message when you’re on because i don’t always see who is on

Ok I will send you messages in advance.

nice thank you

im also on right now

OP8: Done :white_check_mark:

Too fast too furious :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Must tell this: After me and Orange_Teacher got tracelegacy12 to op8, I helped him farm terra for the slayer com. Second kill and he dropped the slayer for the mechro, a pitchfork, blood of terra and a 39% explosive purple relic. Think that was the best drop ever from terra for me!!!

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