OP10 Gear Trade

Hey all, can anyone please help with a trade?

I’m looking for an OP10 Blockade with good recharge & delay stats,
OP10 Flying Corrosive & Fire SandHawks, OP10 Fire Pimpernel & an
OP10 Ogre. Prefer Barking & Nasty as pre-fix on the Pimp & Ogre but
will take what I can get lol!

I have the following at OP10 to trade…

-Inflammable Bee & Hide of Terra
-Grounded Bee & Hide if Terra
-Alkaline Bee & Hide of Terra
-Corrosive Banbury Pimpernel
-Corrosive & Fire Punitory Norfleet’s
-Corrosive Moscovite’s Tonpeaa
-React & Floated Hornets
-DPUH with torgue grip
-Corrosive Fastball
-Chain Lightning
-Corrosive & Fire Bone’s of the Ancients
-Purple 40% Explosive Relic
-Legendary Ninja & Hunter CM’s

PSN is dogstar13