OP4 Axton needs help

I’m currently getting my commando to OP8 but the assassins keep kicking my ass. I recently beat them after several attempts but then died to a corrosive dot seconds after killing the loader who applied it. If you can help, message me. Xbox 360 GT is “a MotoTank”

I just barely got through OP4 with Axton myself recently. Maybe you n’ I can be Commando buds and I’ll help you get a leg up.

You’ll receive a friend request from Action Hank Man

I actually got him to OP8 a few weeks ago thanks to a friendly gunzerker I found online. But if you need help getting there, I’m more than happy to help.

Aaah, I figured after a month you’d be somewhere. Well, if I just plain can’t manage it solo, I’ll keepyah in mind!

Have an op 6 commando looking for help also… My tag is chefrdw71