OP4 player looking to do Digi Peak runs

Hi, i’m an OP4 Krieg looking for some people to tackle Digistruct Peak with, my PSN is tylerjohnson57 (don’t say anything, account’s older than i’d like to admit…), i’m usually on whenever so time zones can be a little iffy, but mine is GMT 00:00 (UK), no mic sadly, either post here or message me on PSN.

Hey. I am always down for running through digi peak. So hit me up. PSN soccerfella101. I will be on in about 7 hours after I get out of work.

I’m now OP7, almost ready to go after raid bosses, hit me up if you’re up for either.

Send me a message when you want to go raiding. PSN soccerfella101

hi tyler57 can you help me get to op8? I’m level 72, psn: mannyhorwitz

hi soccerfella101, can I add you? psn: mannyhorwitz

I’m 72 and need help getting to op8.

Yes and play Monday through friday. Weekends are my family time. But I am always down for running through digi peak.

I’m OP4 on two Sirens myself now. Looking for anyone who wants to try it out. My username is UnderhungPuppy67.

I’ll actually be on for a few hours after this post, so if anyone is around, feel free to drop a message. :slight_smile: