Op6 class mod help

I’m looking for an op6 legendary catalyst COM for a friend but tubbies are rarely spawning! Is it just bad RNG or would I have better luck elsewhere?

I’ve gotten a few tubbies but they only give me gunzerker COMs which I am, so should I throw on a gauge just to be able to get some of her COMs?

Depending on what platform you’re using expect this to get moved. To answer your question though you don’t get better odds of getting a character’s com by playing them- I’ve gotten plenty of Zero coms while playing as Sal for example. It’s just RNG for you. If you want a good shot at legendary coms try the loot train or Pyro Pete…

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Yeah I’ve been doing the loot train for a little while. Pete doesn’t ever give me legendary COMs

Only tubbies drop thoose classmods (not to familiar with Gaige, but I think the catalyst is one of the non-vanilla mods).

I’m not sure about the random aspect of drops, I’ve recently collected all of the classmods for Maya, Krieg, and Zero while playing the character I’ve farmed for. And during that time I’ve only gotten 1 gaige mod, 1 Salvador mod, and 0 Axton mods.
(And about 20 bunny launchers, 5wtf shields, and a few Cracked sashes… 0 pearls)

For regular ‘vanilla’ mods I can almost guarantee that it is random. I frequently farm the snowman chest and I’ve gotten pretty much 5 of each classmod availible regardless of who I play.

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You’re just having a bad streak. The best place I’ve found for tubbies is behind Ellie’s garage and just in front of it before the ramp. Keep farming and you’ll find 'em.

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