OP6 Dukino's Mom

I’m stuck on dukino’s mom during op6. Im doing your typical Sniper build with lyuda’s and pimpernels but nothing seems to do enough damage to her even with a bee shield. Does anyone know a easy way to kill her or is there some way to cheese the fight at all?

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Is your lyuda gromky/corrosive? Remember that peak digistruct flesh is actually more vulnerable to corrosive.

What kind of relic do you use? Might want to go with a corrosive damage one. I’d say that, or maybe a sniper rifle ammo relic, if specced into two fang. Sniper rifle ammo can also help a bit if you are using a low level vladov sniper rifle to stack critical ascension.

Disregard the last post. What might work is getting a grog nozzle, a hive, and a bee. Equip the bee, get the drunk effect from the grog, then quickly switch to the hive and fire off a few into the air. there should be crap tons of AMP’d corrosive rockets seeking out dukino’s mom after that.