OP7 Bekah on Krieg

My first time using the Bekah, has Terrible synergy with Krieg, but still puts out an insane amount of damage.

@shure I think you’d want to use this gun for Digi-peak.

If it was in my inventory… :wink:

I will let you use it for Digi-peak, I traded it with someone from the forums a while ago.

cheers. never used it before so should be interesting

IS’S GOD DAMN AMAZING!!! Looks awesome too.

If you are just posting videos they should be in the gameplay section

Moved to gameplay. Be sure to post where videos belong.

Oh, didn’t realize I chose the wrong one.

Lol 99/39 backpack space. I hate having too many items and not being able to pick up anything new, really wish they gave us more than 39.

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Yeah, bank and inventory space are noticable flaws with the game. There is however a way to get more stuff in your inventory: Just do Digistruct Peak (or any other quest that awards an item), turn in the quest while your inventory is full and you will have an extra item added. Switch that out without dropping items and there you go. This means you can’t sell anything, but it works. Not that you really need that much space, but it would still be great to have it.

I do it to. I’ve tried not to but it always happens anyway it’s just too hard for me to say no to good loot.

There is a WAY easier way to do it, the way I use. It is legit too.
I have 99/39 legit too.