OP8 4 Player Raid Team!

I’m looking for some other players to do OP8 Digistruct Peak and/or Raid bosses with for rares and an overall good experience. Anyone interested?

Im looking for at least one Gunzerker that uses a Legendary Hoarder COM, because bullet regen is just so helpful. From there, any class will do!

My OP8 Characters:
Melee Krieg
Gemini Slag Axton
Sniper Zero
Melee Zero

EDIT: Or heck, we could even do some regular missions. I just wanna have fun lol
EDIT2: Accidentally forgot GT, its Voidslik, same as my username for this forum.

I’d help you but i’d need your gamertag to find you… mines: NY 3D

Derp :stuck_out_tongue: i just edited it in. ty lol