[OP8] A list of things I'm interested in or looking for

Because I’ve dropped many items for many folks, and have been asked in return if there’s anything I’m looking for that they can help me out with. TBH, it’s a bit hard for me to single out any item(s) of particular interest at the time that they ask, especially considering that there’s a high likelihood that they’ve never seen or gotten it – two examples would be the Twin Gwen’s Head or (perfect=7 rounds) Plenteous Norfleet on my list. That said, this is the list of things I’m looking for, and I’m ever grateful for any item(s) from it.

NOTE: It used to be a bit longer, but has since been trimmed it to remove anything that could be obtained from quests or vendors, down to the following:
  • Prefixes or traits required:
  • [2/BA] Dubble Gub
  • [2/DA] Twin Gwen’s Head (Acid_Fire) – the Twin prefix is rare as hen’s teeth, made even rarer by the gun rarely spawning in the first place.
  • [2/MA] Binary Thunderball Fists
  • [2/TE] Two for One Gunerang (Acid_Fire) w/ +Reload Speed
  • [2/VL] Dva Infinity, (Acid_Fire)
  • [3/MA] Plenteous Norfleet (Acid_Fire)
  • [3/VL] Worker’s Mongol (Acid_Fire)
  • [6/MA] Monstrous Storm
  • [6/MA] Monstrous Volcano
  • [R] Skin of the Ancients (Shield Capacity/Shield Recharge Rate/Explosive Resistance/ Shock Resistance</font color>) – Axton
  • [R] Skin of the Ancients (Shield Recharge Rate/Corrosive Resistance/Fire Resistance/Shock Resistance</font color>) – Salvador
  • Prefixes and/or purple-rarity preferred, but not required:
  • [1/BA] Wyld Asss</font color> Sawbar
  • [4/TE] New and Improved</font color> Omen (Acid_Fire)

Simply keeping an eye out for these would be greatly appreciated; finding even one of them would be just

PSN’s same as my username.
And last but not least, many thanks in advance.

Updated: 25-FEB-16

Items of interest:
  • [1/D] Attack Rifle (Vladof)
  • [1/V] Ferocious Guerilla
  • [2/BA] Dubble Magamum!
  • [2/DA] Twin Magnum
  • [2/HY] Redundant Impact
  • [2/TE] Two for One Biggun (+12% Reload Speed)
  • [2/VL] Dva Troublemaker
  • [5/B] Murduring Smig
  • [5/D] Stopping SMG
  • [5/H] Rightsizing Projectile Convergence
  • [5/M] Consummate SubMalevolent Grace
  • [5/T] Hefty Subcompact MG (+26% Reload Speed)
  • [6/M] Barking Snider
  • [1/DA] Onslaught Carbine
  • [2/BA] Rapider Ratatater!
  • [2/DA] Twin Repeater (Dahl)
  • [2/HY] Dynamic Synergy
  • [2/MA] Expeditious Umbrage
  • [2/TE] Peppy Quickshot (+12% Reload Speed)
  • [2/TO] Intense Injector
  • [2/VL] Vengeful Anarchist
  • [3/TE] Rocket Speed Dispatch/Spread
  • [5/B] Bulets Go Fasterified Smig
  • [5/D] Flying SMG
  • [5/H] Proactive Projectile Convergence
  • [5/M] Impetuous SubMalevolent Grace
  • [5/T] Brisk Subcompact MG (+26% Reload Speed)
  • [6/D] Operational Sniper
  • [6/J] Klook Diaub
  • [6/M] Banbury Rakehell
  • [6/V] Skorry Droog


  • [2/BA] Extendified Ratatater!
  • [2/DA] Loaded Repeater (Dahl barrel)
  • [2/HY] Maximized Synergy
  • [2/MA] Surfeit Umbrage
  • [2/TE] Jam-Packed Quickshot (+12% Reload Speed)
  • [2/TE] Jam-Packed Spiker (+12% Reload Speed)
  • [2/TO] Crammed Injector
  • [2/VL] Unending Anarchist
  • [ASS] Chaotic Neutral Rogue – Velocity/Two Fang
  • [ASS] Lawful Evil Rogue – Like the Wind/Velocity
  • [COM] Good Neutral Ranger – Ranger/Impact
  • [GUN] True Neutral Monk – Money Shot/Sexual Tyrannosaurus
  • [MEC] True Neutral Necromancer – Made of Sterner Stuff/Strength of Five Gorillas
  • [PSY] Good Neutral Barbarian – Salt the Wound/Fire Fiend
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Are the levels in to the left of the items that you are looking for, or is that something else, and if there not what level are you looking for these items?

My God, I sold a Twin GH Corrosive yesterday, assuming that nobody would ever claim it… :sweat:

I think I have one :smile:

I don’t know if the Infinity can actually spawn with the DVA prefix… :neutral_face:

Maybe you should look at my list and see if there is some stuff you’re looking at ! :smile:
Adrion’s Complete Tradology

See u !!

Many thanks, Adrion, but regarding that 2GH (acid):

Re. the Dva Infinity, the wiki’s variant chart says it can spawn.

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Updated the list to include certain normals that most folks might pass over.

Raven, still need any of these? I could probably get those Skin of Ancients.

[quote=“adamplaga, post:6, topic:1106892, full:true”]
Raven, still need any of these? I could probably get those Skin of Ancients.
[/quote]Yeah. My place has Wi-Fi, and I now have a TV – just need an HDMI cable, and I’m good. Might be able to get it early next month at the latest.

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That’s awesome! Looking forward to playing with you again :smiley:

Amen, brother. Also, you got my message via PSN from my friend’s PS4?