Op8 Apocalypse Axton Build

Here’s the build
I found a grenedier class mod with +5 impact +6 steady and it’s awesome! I use an explosive relic and a sham shield to become a tank and deal extra damage.
For weapons you’ll want the ogre/kerblaster, dp unkempt herald, a slag lyuda sniper for slagging heavy enemies or killing trash. I prefer the extra fire power over a slagga but both do the job. Final weapon is a nukem launcher to kill anything, and come back from fight for your life.
I use a long bow bonus package grenade with a short timer to clear house if needed (Magic missle can be used instead) Throwing turrets clears out enemies, if you wanted to add missles on the turrets that might be a decent skill to grab, I just prefer it without. This isn’t a raid build, but still a ton of fun and great at mowing through enemies.

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i’m not an Axton expert but that looks fun :ok_hand:

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I’ve played axton a long time and it’s tons of fun for me. You’re so fast and nuclear explosions go off everywhere. I also just noticed the lyuda shreds with metal storm, so there’s never a dull moment even slagging!

I’d switch the points in last ditch effort into pressure and the 4 points in ranger to max metal storm, longbow turret, and 2 more points in overload.

Other than that i won’t nit pick, enjoy the build if it works for you

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I really despise that pressure perk, I think mines bugged I like my reliable reloads.

We talked about it on that sniper axton build I made. For some reason my reloads are inconsistent no matter my health, it’s strange.