OP8 Butchers (fire & Corrisive)

Howdy all - I want to mess around with stuff but need butchers to do it - been farming midgets and peak for five days and had no luck

Don’t need to be perfect (practicable and matching grip) would happily take any fire and corrosive.
Willing to trade swap anything that people may need or request ?

Are you still looking for them? I got all elements and rely use them. PSN: orange_teacher.


Yes if you have them. Pretty please that would be excellent

Best regards


Really sorry my typo, “rarely use them”. I will help whenever we meet online.
Best regards.

Thanks man and no worries
What’s your psn?

And you UK based or different timezones

Best regards


Im living in Asia, and I’m 7 hours ahead of you. My PSN is orange_teacher as mentioned above :slight_smile:

Awesome I’ll add you and try to arrange something :slight_smile:

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