OP8 Chaotic Neutral Monk + derp Duuurp! RL

Looking to ‘perfect’ my Gunzerker’s Pimpernel/RL glitch setup and need –

Higher level (72 to OP8?) Chaotic Evil Monk class mod with +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos

OP8 derp Duuurp! Rocket Launcher with:
Torgue Grip
Bandit Exhaust
Tediore Sight

Any help appreciated! Have tons of other great stuff to trade! Just getting tired of farming for the above items!

PSN ID = bevross

I can drop these items for you. The duurp may not have parts you looking for.

Cool! Saw one derp Duuurp! in the Torque vendor but it only had a mag size of 3. Wouldn’t mind taking a look at yours. I have other RLs that work well, just wondered if I’d see a difference with a ‘perfect’ one.

Later then!

I got mine from Torgue Vendor during marathon power leveling session (5 mag size)

Thanks again – works nice!

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If you purchase a PS4, don’t get rid of the PS3 before cross-saving all your characters (if you didn’t know that already).
Oops…wrong post. You know what I’m regarding.

yeah, know about that – holds me back, too, what with 50 mules to transfer (or not?!)

Are your mules under the same PSN?

Message me if you see me online, Ill give you the duuuurp with 6 mag size.

no, i have couple other psn accounts

will do! thanks