OP8 Deathtrap vs Digistruct Peak

Looking for ideas on a build that relies mostly on my AS doing most of the work. So I’m sure I need a Legendary Roboteer and a roid shield. Anything else I should consider? Is it even worth it?

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While I have seen him wreck face at OP8, he hasn’t been nearly reliable enough at this (which is fine - it wouldn’t be UVHM if he could take care of everything for us) to be able to stand on for an entire run, which just means you’ll occasionally want to be able to back off and lurk while he recharges.

For offensive skills, I would spec into Robot Rampage and nothing else (possibly Make It Sparkle if you’re already at the bottom of that tree), and give him a Love Thumper shield. Get yourself to a safe distance, slag everything on the map, use singularity grenades to keep enemies within his damage radius, and the repeated novas from a Robot Rampage spin will tear things up. With +10 in 20% Cooler, a Bone of the Ancients relic, and the bonus from your COM, his cooldown is fairly quick. That said, keep your expectations about this in check; it’s going to be a rough ride: He’ll almost certainly need help with Dukino’s Mom, Saturn, Surveyors, and any Constructors you run across.

Unfortunately the melee bonus from the L. Roboteer go to Gaige, not DT, although a roid shield is still a good idea. Have you checked out the Gaige build thread yet there are a few that are DT centric…

Yeah, you may find her Legendary Mechromancer better if only for the buffs to Strength of Five Gorillas and 20% Cooler (the inherent cooldown bonus is nice too).

I did some snooping and came across a build in the old forums, but I was unable to open the skill calculator. However, based on the write-up I believe the spec looks something like this: http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#550013100551150050130000411155151011
(L. Mechromancer)

Corrosive Pimpernel and Bekah FTW! I suppose I’ll also pack a slag Pimp and a Quasar as well. A slag transfusion or Magic Missile should be good for the bigger enemies, but do you think I should pack a second slag weapon for closer range?

[quote=“David_Ayy, post:5, topic:1517576”]do you think I should pack a second slag weapon for closer range?[/quote]I would, especially if my main slag output is the Magic Missile, and enemies get close… don’t want those Magic Missiles popping anywhere near you. At best, you’ll just be slagged; at worst, you’ll take a knee.

Can’t say that I’ve ever tried With Claws so if this is a DT centric build I’d move that point to Explosive Clap, Potent as a Pony, Evil Enchantress or Preshrunk Cyberpunk…

I agree with pretty much everything Adabiviak says although I would probably go with a Hide of Terra (or if you don’t have that at the right level, an Order or a Punchee) as a Love Thumper DT can be pretty dangerous to Gaige if you are not very, very careful.

A DT with a roid shield and Make it Sparkle is a huge asset on the Peak but, as has been mentioned, he won’t melee Dukino’s Mom, the Saturns, OMGWTF, Spider Tanks/BAR Tanks or Constructors so there is a fair bit of work for Gaige on the Peak. Therefore, you need to strike a balance between melee monster DT and a capable Gaige.

Out of giving DT a roid shield via Sharing is Caring and the elemental bonus to his melee via Make it Sparkle, my view is that the roid shield is the more important of the two in the overpower levels. This assumes it is a decent roid shield that is “at level”.

If you want 400 stacks and are going with a Necromancer COM (Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral are probably the best two variants of the Necromancer COM for a Gaige with anarchy) try something like this:


The 1 point in MOSS is to open up the bonus from the COM. If you are not a fan of Cooking up Trouble/rely exclusively on Moxxi healing, finish off Unstoppable Force and/or throw some points into Fancy Mathematics for more durability.

If 5/5 in Blood Soaked Shields is a “must have”, you can always run a 300 stack maximum (OP8 Peak is completely doable with a 300 stack cap) to free up the two skills points needed or drop Make it Sparkle and take one point from I/O and move those two points out of the LBT tree to fill out BSS. However, 3/5 in BSS plus the points in UF is still pretty good and it is nice to give DT both SiC and MiS.

For a Legendary Mech com, maybe something like this:


The single point in each of Cooking up Trouble and More Pep are to take advantage of the bonuses from the COM and 3/5 in 20% Cooler is more than enough given that the COM gives you +5 to that skill plus the cooldown bonus from the COM itself. Same considerations as discussed above apply if you really want 5/5 in BSS.

Of the two, the Necromancer is going to generate higher DPs through reload/fire rate buffs but the Leg Mech is pretty balanced and gives you a very short cool down period for DT.

If you want some assurance that I am not just “theory crafting”, google “yeldarb1 youtube” and check out the Digistruct Peak playlist. There’s some options for OP8 Legendary Catalyst builds that are centred on DT and burst damage rather than shock DOT up there as well.

And in answer to your question. Yes, it is more than worth it. In my view, it can be an immense amount of fun.

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