Op8 digi peak please join

Please join even if you are not op8, we will carry you. Right community?
Let’s get it going!

I mean, right now! Steam community is Circuitry. Feel free to join right now.

You’ll get more attention in the PC online play category so I’ve gone ahead and moved you there myself.

Happy looting vault hunter.

Ok thank you. Please join vault hunters. I like to get some op8 digi peak action.

Although, I’m getting more and more drunk and tired, so you better join, like right now.

Ok. You’re hopeless. I’m gonna try it solo.

I have to say. I’ve played this game to oblivion. I have all characters to op8. I’ve had a lot of fun, but noone want to play anymore. FeelsBadMan :frowning:

Ok, fair enough. The time is 4 in the morning. BUT I WANNA PLAY! bue huehue huehue huehue sad face

But ok, let’s talk Gearbox devs.
Things are off, and you know it.
Well, you just know ´what I’m saying. Let’s just get things right for BL3 k?

Yay. I got to play with a russian idiot. Thanks!