Op8 dukino's mom


So basically as gaige this fight is near impossible without pre stacking anarchy??

Edit: ok so I just spent ages stacking 400 anarchy and now Digi is trivial… If I have to stack to be effective with gaige then she’s pointless. Krieg at 100 bloodlust is equally as effective (if not more so) but 100 stacks for him is very quick. On the plus side I bore Saturn with a twister…

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Just beehawk with 100 stacks or until the accuracy penalty makes the sandhawk too inaccurate.

Gaige is the character i don’t like, so i can’t offer detailed advice


I’ll just stick to the others, I dislike characters that have to use things that would do just as well on any other character. I like unique playstyles that are character specific, part of the reason why sal bores me a bit.

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It might be a really cheesy strat but for the peak or whenever I have to fight Dukino’s mom I just use the Flakker/Nukem damage transfer combo combined with the double shot glitch to put her down for good, although I think she may resist explosives a bit. Not sure tho. I used this for when I struggled with the peak and it just deals so much damage that even if she did resist she’s helpless to fight against it. I’d also imagine it would be easier on Gaige as she has Anarchy but double shotting might be harder since as far as I know she doesn’t have much swap speed buffs which can really go a long way to helping with the double shot glitch.

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Ended up pre stacking, used fibber/twister for most of it and the DPUH for dukino’s mom. had no issues using those tbh

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You don’t need to prestack beyond 100 stacks really. After clearing the Scorches, if you have avoided FFYL well enough till then, you should have about 200 - 250 stacks, which is more than sufficient for killing Dukino.


I tried without pre stacking and had ~150 the first time and it went badly lol I guess gaige just isn’t for me, preparation isn’t something I enjoy. Same reason I don’t like sniper zero

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I don’t really fancy Sniper Zer0 but I do like a very general gun based Zer0 making use of the Bekah, Twister, Ladyfist or a Maggie. Zer0 is amazing with Jakobs weapons in general.

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Ye I’m weird as I dislike the bekah lol I like up close with Zer0. Mainly melee or shotgun.

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Melee Zer0 just feel awesome to me thematically. The idea of stalking your prey, staying out of sight but close to them as they are completely oblivious to your malicious intentions, then BAM! you strike from no where executing them with one swift blow ending their life lol

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Ye conceptually Zer0 is the most well done character, might be tied with Krieg though

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Now that you mention it I find Krieg to be the best conceptually. I just love how all of his skill trees reflect the different types of bandits/psycho’s you will encounter on Pandora

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I’ve always had a hard time accepting the fact that two of Krieg’s skill trees do more or less nothing for his action skill. He’s a really fun character, but that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Gaige is a character that I really want to like, but I find myself unable to. She has a bit of the same problem with her skill trees, and on top of that, Deathtrap is so buggy that it’s beyond funny. The stacking is a real PITA, and if you die, you lose it all. That’s basically cruel and unusual punishment.

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Ye kriegs action skill is hit and miss and the stack mechanic is god awful but at least Krieg gets a stack for every time he damages an enemy, that includes every tick of a DOT so it’s very quick with him. I have a hydra(might be triquetra, can’t remember) with a single shot and still takes forever with gaige.

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If you have around 100stacks,it is not hard so much.Maybe need moxxi weapon swap.

Best:DPUH(the center oen will be reflectted)flakker



fibber is not recommend so much.
ricochet is dangerous.

If you
are interested in,plz check yeldarb forum archive

My steam friend said to me,
with good trans former,resistance reric,and maylyn(lbt 1st stage),dukino’sthunderball can be absorbed.
( http://natalizm.com/borderlands2-build-07/ Japanese language,sorry)
I don’t know whether it is true or not.

Good luck.

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After I talked about this thread,he uploaded op8 video (against dukino thunderball)

I think that this is safe for anyone.
But if low stacks,it takes a lot of time.
Around 100 stacks is needed,until dukino.

Or firing fibber + bee with keeping enough distance.