OP8 forest in Tiny Tina DLC need better fire weapon

Guyz what is the best fire weapon out there that can kill trees and stumps fast having hard time killing em with interfacer cause I have to go in your face with them or the pelets are kinda slow im dying cause they can swarm me while I wait for pelets to hit enemy and or running out of ammo and that’s not good eats too much ammo

Slag + Hellfire should work well enough


thankz im using my gaige skill interpresed outburst + antagonist to slag em works wonders to nucleear slagsplosion em gonna try hellfire see if it works in op8

A fire sandhawk or pimpernel would work to. Or a good fire anarchist.

The fire SMG that you get from tipping moxxi is good as well. Slag with a grenade or something and then burn

something easy to get would be miss moxxis good touch but BiS would be firee snadhawk + bee or hellfire

bee is usless to my character I will slag slower in interpresed outburst skill lvl 10 cause antagonist goes well with that skill it connects as soon as slag ball hits enemies. By the way its mechromancer skill. Worst thing to bring with this build http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#055005121551555155000551000000000000 is a slag weapon or gear except for anarchist shield its best shield for this build. Gonna try good touch cause I’m always goin down using hellfire

I like to slag and use a fire Slowhand-E Shotgun, it does quite a bit of damage and burn damage especially if you get the x3 variant.

@Jmababa What about the Blockhead?


I know it’s hard to get but a fire omen would work.

blockhead worked like a charm wih duke of ork in the forest since i haven’t finished side mission where you destroy ork huts also found that crit also works cause of my build coupled with shock bone of aincients but hate that red text slippery when wet thing.

@Jmababa I know what you mean.