Op8 fun run weekly

Wel last nite i spent my night doing op runs in total i got 8 people all the way 2 op8 solo most runs as they where all under leveled so come 1 come all if u want a op run give me a message on here or through xb1 and i can fit u in certainly

Gt gra5er1

i could definately use some help getting to op8, my gunzerker is op7 and my commando isnt op at all so if you are willing to help ill be very grateful my gt is anubis5719 and im usually on sometime after 830 pm eastern

My gamertag is SixElephant, I wanted to start a siren (because krieg is garbage) I’m not looking to go max level, I just want level 50. The beginning game is boring and I’ve played it so much I just want to blow through it. If you can fit me in, message me on xbox. I would appreciate it !

p.s: I don’t have a mic.

If u can all message me online that would help alot more also

Hey there im in need of help on op levels currently gunzerker op1 looking to get to op8
And one other character later tho
Gt rhysRFMT
Wont be online today but will be on tomorrow

Message me online as the thread says when your online

im op2 could u help? ill add u later when i get home

Yeah message me

Well last nite another 5 people got op8 through my efforts lol