Op8 guns stronger than lvl 80 guns?

The title says all lol ;-;

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OP8 is now level 88. Ergo : stronger.


Do you mean old OP8 guns or new OP8 guns? The old ones should be equal to level 80 guns, whereas the new OP8 guns would follow the rule @Jefe posted.


thanks, i have to farm another fibber thats great

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Previous OP 8 guns are now level 80 guns
Now OP 8 guns are level 88


Neat huh? This little update has created a tiny bit of work for people.


Just tiny ok
im lost in this uptade, dont know why my level 80 guns are better than new op8

OP8 = lvl 80
that is untill you run the peak again and over power yourself again… unsure if it actually works tho not there yet

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If you were already OP 8 before the DLC, once you hit level 80 you will be able to go up to OP 8 again.
You only have to run Digi Peak two more times.
But your guns will be level 80, so taking them into new OP 8 will be severely underpowered.

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Ah, I was wondering why am I tearing through the game like a rabid skag through an inexperienced player.

Need to complete the Peak ASAP.

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perhaps because your character level is benefiting your damage. You’re also at level and not suffering damage reduction.

i was really suprised how well lvl80 held up, even if i went for a dpuh so by grindbot sal can get gear for all the other toons.

mother sal, feeding her clutch of children of destruction.

well when i hit 80, i bought a new op8 dpuh. It crushes lvl90 enemies just fine, so digi-peak runs are really limited by your gearing.

still need to test it all with new op8 run.

i’m taking some time to farm out a few goodies (gear a pimperzerker) so he can grind gear for other toons.