OP8 Hyperius - Solo kill

Thought I’d share this just 'cause. No I’m not trying to become some YT “celebrity” I just used the record feature on PS4. This kill is a bit sloppy but I CBF doing it over and over for a perfect run, I killed him so it’s good enough. Even today there are people who have trouble killing OP8 raids and especially with Maya, so for any of those out there who still need help I hope this is sufficient. Obviously this kill relies on specific gear and the Norfleet in particular is a bitch to farm, ironically Hyperius can drop it…

Anyway, here’s a the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fITN8r0-1dg


I have recordings of a version without the Norfleet, if people want to see it that way. Pretty much a matter of wearing down 3/4 of the bots, then starting on Hyperius. Takes about 3x as long, and the part most people probably get stuck on is the phase where he jumps all over, which this video already shows.

Good share, sir.


I have done this with a Topneaa and a Badaboom, I don’t like Norfleets and I only carry on Maya for this very scenario, but it is quicker with one.

His rage phase is a pain which is why I fight him this way, he goes into rage if you either kill his bots or get him down to 2/3 health just like Vora with the chief, I’d rather get him to rage as late as possible but if it works it works and that’s what’s important.

Yep. I kill 3, then chip away at the fourth to get the shield drops. I actually leave the 4th bot up until after Hype is dead. Once he goes full ■■■■■■, he stops getting his shield back. I just ignore the 4th entirely during that phase.

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The only time I kill them is when I feel like looting his corpse. I usually kill him several times then start checking the loot, so I kill the bots when I’m bored of killing him.

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Impressive! Could you provide a little more info on your setup for this? I mean, looked like you were using:

fire sandhawk?
legendary cat mod
corrosive norfleet
grog nozzle?

what about your shield & relic? Thanks!

The video was Slif, not me. His way is a lot faster. My way takes about 9 minutes. Hyperius refuses to give me another Norfleet (my only one is slag), so I kill 3 bots, one at a time, with a Bekah. It’s slow and steady.

ah, sorry – thought i was replying to the OP; question was for them!

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No worries! Gave me something to reply to at halftime, from the Oregon State vs Boise State football game. The line to the bathroom is long and boring.

Besides, the board could use the activity :slight_smile:

but you’re a guy? i thought guy’s bathrooms never had line problems? lol

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Well… long for a line to the men’s room! I guess it’s all relative. There are probably still women in line from the first Q.

I did display my gear, build, and showed that I have no BAR (Never spent a token) at the end of the video, but in case it was too fast or you missed it -

Weapons: Fire Sandhawk (Stopping not Flying, I’ll explain why), Corrosive Norfleet (Badaboom or Topneaa will work if you don’t have a Norfleet), DPUH for Grog switching and of course a Grog.

Others: Quasar because it has the largest radius of all singularity grenades (Longbow and 0 fuse time is always preferable, damage is irrelevant here, any singularity grenade will suffice), fire Bone of the Ancients, Corrosive Bee (Because of self-applied DoT from the Corrosive Norfleet) and Legendary Cat.

I’ll explain in a few minutes, my laptop is about to force reset lol… >.<

Okay, now that that’s over with, why I use a Stopping Sandhawk:

More shots before Phaselocking for slag. As you may or may not know, the Flying Prefix on a Dahl SMG increases projectile speed whole the Stopping prefix increases damage. Most players I see using Sandhawks, including on YouTube, use Flying variants, but as you can see I fire as many shots as possible before Phaselocking to apply slag from Ruin and slower projectile speed means more shots hit while Hyperius is slagged. You could probably get a few more shots off if you don’t use Accelerate, but I use the same build for mobbing and raids (different gear obviously) so I keep Accelerate on. You can take off about 1/3 of Hyperius’s health at the beginning of the fight if you time your shots and PL just right, this kill was a bit sloppy, I haven’t actually tried it without Accelerate but I imagine you could shave off another 5-10 seconds if you did, even with it I can shave off about 20-30 seconds at least on this fight but as I said I CBF recording a perfect kill lol I’m no speedrunner and this kill was successful in relatively short time nonetheless.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I raid a lot with Maya and contrary to what a lot of people might tell you I believe Maya is the second best character for general raiding.

I know “Beehawking” seems like a pretty simple playstyle, but the gear and build does need to be specific to defeat raids at OP8 and Maya is the only character who can pull off Beehawk raid kills at OP8 consistently, and it’s really her only option for raiding anyway unless you intend a speedkill which is a lot trickier and requires a more specific setup than this one, this is just for general play. I’d recommend not Beehawking against mobs however, The Bee provides virtually no survivability and if you rely on it you’ll lose tremendous DPS when it depletes, which happens often in mobbing scenarios. Use a Maliwan sniper or Hyperion shotgun for general mobbing, or if you use the Legendary Cat use a Tattler or Bitch and a strong shield like the Blockade or Antagonist.


While my friend @Slif_One is a much better raider than me, I’ll try to fill in a gap or two here… He can correct if I’m wrong… As important as the gear is, so is handling his unblockable (well Axton might be able to with shielded turret, not sure) double nova cycle… GBX decided on unblockable novas in place of interesting mechanics for several RB’s in BL2… Maya makes this easier though for Hyperius with phaselock… If you are going to use a bee, the first nova will take you below healthgate and the second nova will down you (as Maya at least)… So, when you read it coming, have the grog in hand and phaselock him after the first one to get above healthgate and then just grog him back above after the second … You can also (or with other chars too) chain lightening him with grog in hand after the first one, but then you don’t have the quasar to group the bots… I’ve solo’d him with a few chars using this method, but I normally kill the bots so it takes forever, Slif’s way (and others) with just putting them in repair mode is much faster.

You’re spot on. I do try to avoid PL’ing him for heals as I’d prefer to Harold-switch twice and use PL to apply slag, but it doesn’t always work out the way I plan if my timing is off and both methods are viable, at the end of the day it’s about surviving and making sure your enemy doesn’t.

Sometimes I switch to Chain Lightning mid-fight for healing but sometimes I forget or get too carried away killing him to play efficiently, and sometimes I just like to play with the gear I started with. I’m a temperamental player lol.

And I wouldn’t say much better, more experienced due to longer hours perhaps but that’s no reflection of skill, and we both taught each other a lot during our playing time :slight_smile:

I always forget about the Harold switch technique as well (switching to the grog while the Harold shots are in mid-air will give healing when they impact). Saving PL is useful as a last resort back up, and his novas aren’t immediate back to backs so you have time to get shots off in between

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Unlike another certain nova-pulsing raid boss who we all know and do NOT love :stuck_out_tongue:
If only we could kill him, he’s the one you want to kill the most and the one you friggin’ can’t kill! >.<


Hey would a corrosive pbfg work I’m tryna this and op8 lol just need a way to kill em

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welcome @youngfly21 to the forums.

are you on the old OP8 (level 80-OP0), if that’s the case, yes corrosive pbfg works on the loaders, just group them up via singularity.

Many times when I’ve solo’d Hyperius with Maya I used a Practicable Corrosive Slow Hand for the loaders. Just another option you could try