Op8 Krieg vs Pyro Pete (Personal Fastest)

Yes yes, i know its not as impressive as say Terra or Hyperius but it was my personal fastest. I have done this before using singularity grenades and scream sickle but this time it was also pretty clean using crossfires and leg reaper!


Nice. Try to stack using the slag grenades and proceed to open the valves, it will cut a few seconds of, mine is around 20secs.

Here is mine if you have a minute https://youtu.be/RYOBrXMYn4Y

I see someone just opening the spiderants and got lucky with the chain. I think the kill is around 15 secs or less. Will have to try that.


Not bad, yeah mines also sub 25 sec if you time it. Also i am not to worried about prestack as the melee automatically jump me to decent stacks. I love how clean the bloodsplosion was, it one shotted him in one explosion haha. :heart_eyes:

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