OP8 L.cat build w/o ruin

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As Ronnie said, it’s more that you only need 2 or 3 points in Life Tap and there aren’t other great options in that skill tree, so why not take some passive healing…again though, it’s more due to lack of other options that we are recommending taking it…

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Long-time Maya enthusiast here(I know this is an older thread but for you or any other aspiring Maya’s coming through)…

Your build makes sense for the most part if you’re trying to get the most out of your Rough Rider.

Things I’d tweak:
Do a 4/1 split between sustenance/life tap. If you’re running shieldless, Sustenance is doing the work of Inertia for a shield build, without being a kill skill. Sustenance’s DOT-fighting at OP8 is no joke.

I would still suck it up and go for Ruin, especially for a Cat build. Scorn is certainly a great skill and slagging tool on its own, but for a DPS build, Ruin is essentially 100% reliable slag which is already a part of your combat loop so you don’t have to think about it, and together with Converge (and Quasars, because Quasars), it handles group slagging. That leaves you choosing between Flicker, Immolate, and Helios to get to Ruin, and, other than maxing out Flicker, any combination of points between those isn’t bad. Easy, reliable group slag you don’t have to think about is just too fantastic for me to skip. It’s also going to be available more often than Scorn on its own - IIRC it’s on a 13 or 15 second cooldown (I play PC with the UCP, and they shortened it to 10 or 11 I think)? Slag wears off in about half that time, so that means you’re either using grenades or a slag weapon somewhere in that loop most likely, which is usually a cut into damage output. Even for raiding, when you can’t actually phaselock things, you’ll still get reliable slag for every cooldown.

I’ve always played with the expectation of having Phaselock back pretty quickly, so I like to have 2 out of 3 (technically 4, with the Little Evie) of her possible cooldown sources going at all times, so for a Cat build I too would go for Quicken.

I don’t fight much with a rough rider, but it is nice to have the option to switch to it and a banshee and run like hell. I also like to be able to switch between builds on the fly and have them work ok, which is which I’d probably do a 2/3 split for fleet and Inertia, and a split between Ward and Accelerate (only 1 in accelerate if the bekah or pimp are in use).

Inertia and sustenance are cornerstones to Tank Maya at OP8. Sweet Release, life tap, and Elated get the job done in mob combat, but when Ultimate Badasses and such make it through a full phaselock and put one more hit on you, sustenance starts to really shine. And Cat Maya will get more than enough out of 1 or 2 points in Life Tap when it’s going.

Maya can do stupid DPS, but she has no way to stack damage like most other characters do, and largely relies on outlasting fights. Which means all the little things add up to vastly greater chances of making it through, and un-sexy things like Inertia and Sustenance save your life again and again.

I have to chuckle a little when people say Maya is “easy”. She’s not hard to learn, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to easy.