Op8 legendary binder cm please

Looking for a legendary binder @op8 if anyone as one please. Willing to trade!

Have a legendary sickle op8, all sandhawks flying. All siren cm apart from the binder of cause. Twister. All conference calls, all bees, sham 94%, norfleet. Infinities. Hellfire, pimps, dpukh, norfleet, kawaii killer head, frozen wrath, beyond the pale and many more. All gear is op8

Thanks psn rockshox

Let me check my inventory for you :slightly_smiling: I dont remember clearly whether I got Op8 one or not, but Im sure that I got an Op3 one with rather good stats.

That would be awesome thank you. Been trying fir one but to no avail

@gunzerkus just gave me one so thank you for looking @orange_teacher

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