OP8 Legendary Horder and Legendary Sinper! and some snipers

Hey, I am looking for OP8 Legendary Horder class mod for the Gunzerker and a Legendary sniper class mod for Zero! I haven’t been able to fine any of them OP8. I am also looking for some good OP8 snipers like the Volcano, Skull smasher and Lyudmila (Those aren’t the only snipers I am looking for those are just examples)

GT: ValkyriesHero

Hey! Sorry not a zero user but do have a spare hunter class mod if any good to you? Again sorry not big on zero class mods etc etc…lol
May have some snipers as well but will check my bank but defo have a extra ‘storm’ which you are welcome to.

I might be able to help. Won’t be online tonight. Taking the kid to the beach. Saturday I’m free.

GT: Kurtdawg13


Got it. :blush:

I might have this. Need to check my COM mule. :wink:

Got it.

Got it.

Got it.

edit: Sorry for the necro, but I recently dumped my skullmasher as it was not matching grip. I’m refining all my gear and I’m looking for perfect parts at this point and that is pretty much all I will keep moving forward. :wink:

No thank you on the Legendary hunter, it adds points in every tree so it has a larger more rounded use but not if I want to push the highest DPS. I am interested in the snipers though.

Hey, I have an op8 hoarder and an op8 snipers.
Add me