OP8: Looking for a Conference Call

I’m so freaking tired of farming the Warrior. If anyone out there in Borderlands world has a Conference Call around the OP8 level (preferably Incendiary), I’ll be happy to trade something. I don’t have much, but I would be willing to part with one of the following:

–OP1 Potential Butcher
–OP1 Deep a Tunguska
–OP0 Trick Shot Unforgiven
–Lv 71 Two Fer Unforgiven
–Lv 72 Straight Shootin’ Maggie
–OP8 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
–OP7 Wyld Asss Sawbar
–OP8 Ballanced Slagga

I have some other stuff in my bank. We can chat in Sanctuary. Please lemme know!

PSN ID: Icehound84

Hello, Icehound. Got both the op 8 fire C C and the op 8 legend Sickle you asked for a while ago. Willing to trade for the Whiteout skin you advertised beginning of month. Please let me know if any interest. / Zerkus

Gah, it’s not in my bank anymore. I don’t think my friend has a copy of it, either. Sorry. Anything else I can give you in exchange?? Really sorry man…at the time I didn’t think I was ever gonna hit OP8.

Well, out of a stroke of luck I just now got the Commando white skin “White Knight” to drop from a Thresher. Does that sound okay?

Is my thread invisible to everyone but me? LOL

Sent you a FR and message via PSN, Jack. Thanks!

Yes, thanks - White Knight works. U in the game atm?

“Thanks”, jgcobb79.

NP, I’ll try to jump on tonight to get you your stuff.

Hey guys. So I’m working 12 hour shifts at 2K Games right now so I’m usually only online around 10pm PST for about an hour on week nights (longer on weekends). In the interest of fairness, how about I trade White Knight to GUNZERKUS for his CC, and Jack would you be able to do a trade for a Butcher and/or Norfleet (trying to level my lv 50 Siren friend to my level)? I don’t have much but you can take a look at what I have. Thanks a ton, guys!

Fair enuff, Icehound. Fair enuff :dukeaffirmative:

Yea, let’s make work in spite of time zones messing with us: I’ll match/catch u 2night.


Done :white_check_mark:

Tx, Icehound - u the man.