OP8: Looking for shields & gear

Hey, I’m looking for shields and gear for an OP8 Gunzerker.

If you can help please message me on PSN: Jarjr222

You’re going to need to be more specific but I’m sure that I will have everything you want.

I’m looking for The Bee, Legendary Gunzerker, Sheriff’s Badge, Legendary Berzerker, and Chaotic Evil Monk. That is all, please get back to me when you can, thank you.

Yeah I’ve got all that stuff…Send me a FR.

One question regarding the stuff you are asking for…Why The Bee for a Sal?

Overkill or Inexperienced…

Don’t know, I’ve been running it since the PS3 days and it has worked for me since. Should I consider the Evolution?

Or a low level Rough Rider…