OP8 matchmaking in the Handsome collection?

This is the one thing I wish BL2 had. Does anyone know if max level matchmaking is allowed or does it stop at OP3 or OP4 like BL 2 did??

Come on Forumites, I know that someone knows the answer to this question?? Any OP8 matchmaking?? Yes?? No?? Maybe? No one knows? Is it is one of those great mysteries that no one will ever know?

Don’t leave me hanging.

As far as I can tell, it’s the same as any other version of the game.

That really sucks. To this day I will never understand Gearbox’s decision to disable matchmaking for max level/end game content??? Really, what is the reason behind this??? I have 5 maxed out OP8 toons on my 360, and would love to transfer them over to my Xbone - but I will be forced to play solo or beg and scrounge the forums again to dreg up players…soooo lame.

Shame on you Gearbox. Looks like I wont be getting the handsome collection. Please please please don’t do this for BL3. (very disappointed)

It’s because matchmaking goes 3 levels higher than you

Again, pretty stupid reason. My point still stands

It’s because of the way the OP levels work; your character is still technically level 72, and as TOG23 mentioned, matchmaking has a 3 level limit.

You would think then that this could be patched. The game does not need to work under those definitions of character level??? It does this because of programming decisions make by Gearbox. Still stupid.

I get there are some weird technical reasons for this, Just seems like dumb programming. I find it hard to believe they could not have done the leveling system a little differently to keep matchmaking intact.

I probably saved myself $60 anyway, from the look of things matchmaking is a ghost town from what other posts on the forums are saying.

Tell them exactly how to fix it then. Go ahead

you got their number over there at Gearbox. I would be glad too.


Smart ass? Really? That’s your response. Some things may not be as easy as you think, and this may be one of them. And judging by… that, I will assume that you have no idea what you’re talking about in this situation

Always amazing to me what the fan-boys of this game will defend. This is and was a stupid decision on the part of Gearbox programmers. How big of a screw up exactly would they have to commit to get you stop kissing their proverbial asses?

When you resort to insults, you know you’ve lost. It’s sad, really

so you think this was a good decision on the part of gearbox then??

I don’t, but don’t speak on the ease of it if you can’t offer a response

Incorrect. I can and should be able to point out a flaw in the game without posting detailed technical information about a fix.

By that logic, anyone short of having a degree in computer programming should not post issues on the forums.

You can, but I’m not saying you can’t. I’m saying you can’t say it’s an easy fix without offering a fix.

Please, please do tell. You are obviously soo very knowledgeable on the overwhelming complexities of character leveling and matchmaking and how this is programmed. Please provide the technical info proving that this is impossible.

Your assumption that is is too complex to fix is no more valid than my assumption that it is not.

Nothing more to add??? didn’t think so. Good night forums. and yeas your still a smart ass.

Again, resorting to insults means you lost the damn argument and just plain makes you look unintelligent (Not an insult, fact. There IS difference). And besides, there was a lot of outcry abut this issue. If it was as easy as you think, don’t you think it would have been fixed? Not a lot, but more than you’ve got