OP8 Melee Digi shenanigans

As the title suggests I’m trying to get through OP8 digistruct with only melee, a bit of a stretch considering I only started melee Zer0 a few days ago but I’ve managed to get to the arena within my first 3 attempts and the assassin’s are proving VERY problematic lol god help me when I eventually get to Saturn…

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I don’t really follow it but I think this thread is stock full of OP8 melee zero runs.

I’ll check it out, did look on youtube but most melee Zer0 players don’t seem to do commentary which imo is a shame because knowing someone’s thought process can help a lot

I understand that. I don’t think most of the vids there have commentary but requesting for it could do the trick.

Maybe, looks like a good source of info though. Thanks for that

The best run I could think of is this one :

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Interesting, I shall watch this immediately