OP8 Melee Krieg vs Lynchwood

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My favorite place to mob and krieg tears it up.

Because that is Krieg’s nature to do. Also yes this place it good for farming. I even have world drop Butcher during this run.

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Awesome! the odds of that world drop butcher… wow… I like your general melee play style with what looks to be a shock slowhand/delayed (by tossing them in the sky) transfusion grenades…will have to give that a try

Yes game was really rewarding for me in this run. And yes I use Slow Hand to activate RtB when I want to, not waiting for enemies to make it. Because sometimes they can do too much damage. Also yes delayed transfusion nades with longest fuse time. This is helpful if I would have long STV chain in midldle of RtB, plus they can make slag Bloodsplosions sometimes because Fuel the Blood skill.

Good to see you back bew :smiley:

That train dodge was pretty close. What build do you use looks like it was destroying.

@xmngr yeah its good to be back for some Buzz Axe chopping :smiley:

@aavincam yes because I wanted to Bloodsplode that train :smiley: and you’ve got all gear and spec at end of the video.


bro, that’s impressive, I don’t know how you do it but when I try melee krieg I die straight away :frowning:

With Melee Krieg you need to stack up max health and damage resistances as much as you can. Thats why Rough Rider is best shield for him. Also slag granades with long fuse time are helpful.