OP8 mobbing WITHOUT the FotFH questions

I don’t really want to use the FotFH/Grog combo because it feels cheap and too easy, so I’ve been trying to stick with my RR+Blood of the Ancients+Slagga combo. The only problem is that my health is now so high that I can’t health gate with Elemental Empathy anymore.

I’m thinking that the problem is the relic. Is there another relic I could use instead of the Blood to ensure that my health is at least at a manageable level?

Additionally, what are the general pros and cons between using the Slagga and the Florentine as a slagging/utility weapon? Is the Florentine just better in all regards?

Can’t help you with the relic question as I’m not speced into Elemental Elation but since I like to keep my weapon slots open for pure killing weapons I use a low level slag Bouncing Betty (great before hitting RtB) and a MM to replenish it with as needed…

I recommend using a resistance relic or skin of the ancients instead then.

Slagga is better at slagging, the Florentine slags less efficiently (slower and less ammo efficient), but has the added bonus of being a great shield stripper/damage opener obviously.

Alternatively to both a slag Bouncing Betty or Magic Missile like Carlton_Slayer mentioned works great as well.

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Blood of Seraphs.

Don’t know too much about Hellborn K’s, but I think that throwing a Storm Front or Quasar to get healing from EE, then slag the hell out of them can be useful.

Insert elemental relic of your choice (here) Krieg can run any element on op8 just replace the firehawk area damage with a grenade or rocket of your choice. I ran a shock krieg for a while that didn’t really need slag as I was constantly procing BB. I ran a twister, kitten, pimp and norfleet/topneaa. Quasars were the key as they proced BB and kept my stacks up. I didn’t have a transformer but would recomend it. Similarly you could run a corrosive one with a CC, hail, hornet and badaboom. Slag is not needed but does help a lot on the ultimate badasses.

Easiest way to health gate with Elemental Empathy is with either the Hellfire or Infection. Even one Chain Lightning is enough to health gate. But honestly, I have no problems tanking a lot of times with weapons that deal far less DoT. It depends on how safe you want to play it. But health stacking is not an issue with Krieg as long as you’re applying elemental effects consistently.

Is your primary goal to slag or strip shields? For me the Slagga is irreplaceable. Higher chance to slag, very ammo efficient, deep magazine, good accuracy and stability. It’s everything I want in a slagging tool. Florentine adds shock but shields aren’t much in this game. And it’s nothing that a single Chain Lightning or Quasar isn’t going to take care of while also causing self-ignition and healing.

The speed that you can slag is very important with Krieg because if you’re running melee you HAVE to get the enemy slagged before RtB in OP levels. It’s so risky otherwise. So for me, the formula is Chain Lightning which strips shields, sets me on fire, heals me via Elemental Empathy, and I’m using Slagga for instant slag on targets.

Best at shield-stripping… it’s not like any weapon is good at shield-stripping anyway.