OP8 players keep OP levels after reaching level 80

Just reached level 80 and you keep your OP levels so OP8 players only have to do OP9 and OP10!


I really hope they tuned some enemies rather then just slap dashing this together. OP8 had fundamental problems the way it was.
I also think they could have handled weapon cards better. My friend and I are seeing a mixture of level 73 and op1 cards at level 73. I appreciate the DLC and the amount of quality content it provides but the OP changes seem sloppy implemented. I guess I should cut them a break with how long it’s been since the last update.


just copy pasting from the other post :
Every weapon has an item level. It can be read on the weapon card.
-Someone who never unlocked OP lvls : He will see it as lvl 1-80 and then OP 1-10 as it is unlocked.
-Someone who unlock OP lvls before last DLC : the OP X he sees on a weapon card means that the ilvl of the weapon is X lvl above the charcter lvl.
So someone carrying an OP 8 gun pre DLC will see it as OP4 when he reaches lvl 76 and 80 when he reaches lvl 80.

So max, it just means you dropped a lvl 74 gun and since you unlocked OP lvls previously, you can equip that gun, while someone who didn’t unlock it would see that gun as lvl 74 and would need to lvl up to equip it.

The only fault here is that they didn’t explain this anywhere ^^


What I was saying is that both weapon cards still drop for one character. I’m on a Gaige who is OP8 level 75 and I see both OP1,2, and 3 guns drop and guns level 73,74, and 75. I understand they are for all intents and purposes the same weapon levels however I am confused as to why the game dose a mixture rather then one or the other.
OP dug them in to a hole of which they did there best to account for all scenarios and types of players which I applaud Gearbox for doing. My level Experience has been a breeze and it makes me feel like I accomplished something worth while from the legacy OP levels. However I have the option to no use said weapons if I want a challange while leveling. Great again good way to account for multiple types of players. My issue is what happens If I’m playing with a friend who never OP leveled and the game chooses to drop a legacy OP1 gun that he wants. He is level 73 and the gun should be a level 73 item BUT the game dropped an OP1 for some odd reason.

The past hour I’m seeing next to no OP so maybe it’s only an issue when your in range of 72 loot.

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Still gotta regrind all dem weapons I just spent 5 years farming and dashboarding countless thousands of hours. No thanks. My funnest times where op8 peak runs…but I aint got it in me again. Ill just be a level 80 pleb since 3 drops in a couple months anyways. Dlc is neat tho. Mixed bad for me.


So, if I read this correctly, all my (old) OP8 weapons are now true LV80 ones?
But if there’s 2 new OP levels, that does mean that their levels will actually be 89 and 90 right?
So, even I don’t loose the OPs acquired in the past once I reach 80, I won’t have any proper weapons to go directly there and have to grind a bit before?

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You can buy an Unkempt Harold :smiley:


Also quest succumbing is very useful for say Sandhawks, Rubi, Lady Fist, you can buy and Antagonist for Sareph Crystal’s In flamerock, he also has the Florentine. Led storm from Hammerlocks. There is a ton of currency loot that you can cheese with save copying.

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If the weapon is 73, and so are you, youll see a level on the card of 73, if your friend is lvl 72, and the weapon is 73, your friend sees overpower 1 on. The card, for he can use a lvl 73 gun when he is op1 @ 72

i downloaded it all my op levels are gone. no new area which i could travel to, no new missions i could find around moxxi. is that … normal ? xD everything is just lvl72, gear still listed as op8 on item card.

I think i got it right. Even if i completed op0 to op1 run, game won’t let me choose the op level when launching the character. Is it the same to you? According to that, the only way one have to have lv 80 enemies again is to level up to 80 and then, there’s the new two levels which will be equal to lv 81 and 82? Please someone can help me understand xD

i didn’t try a peak run, i don’t want to drag every character again through all peak levels

?? :frowning_face:

Download the dlc after the update the games tells you to do before opening it, in the downloadable menu

You don’t have to complete all the DP levels again. Just reach level 80 and your 8 OP levels will be back. You will only have to complete OP9 and OP10.


Am I understanding this correctly: at level 80 OP1 will be equivalent to level 81, OP2 equivalent to 82, and so on until OP8 equals level 88 enemies? So your OP8 gear will now effectively be level 80/OP0 gear, and you will need to refarm for higher OP gear to be able to compete at the new OP levels?

how ?

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You should be gaining xp again after the update. There’s a screenshot in one of the other relevant threads that shows level 72 with additional XP filled in on the HUD.

@venom616, here’s the post with that pic I referenced. Credit to @Jefe for blazing the trail that far.

Rumor time: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary


thank you, i understood now. but i don’t receive any exp, not from killing enemies nor turning missions in. mhh

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Can you fast travel to the new dlc? There have been some posts about it not being available until another update, in addition to the DLC, is downloaded as well. Maybe that’s what’s hanging up your XP gain?