Op8 puissant norfleet swap

I have both fire and shock puissant norfleets both have 4 shot per magazine, the problem is that i use an anarchy build and this cuts the 4 magazine down to 3 limiting me to 1 shot per reload. If a non mechromancer would like to swap a 5 mag for my same element 4 mag i will get 2 shots per mag and you’ll use 1 less ammo per mag. I hope we can help each other out!

i have a puissant norfleet fire element with 5 magazine and 2 1 is corrosive and other is shock both with 4 magazine. and all 3 are op8. PSN: AngelofLove57

Ill swap fires with you? Psn afgyilan. My wife is on the ps4 atm but i can get on in less than an hour

may i have that shock element too?

I thought you had one already. I had last minute errands to run, ill had to trade tomorrow

well um nevermind then. just curious is your shock norfleet reload of 4.8 or around 6.8? mine is 6.8 reload time.

I think 4.8, but ill let you know whe i can get on

also do you have the slag element as well for the norfleet? if not, that’s okay with me.

No slag sorry, i use the nozzle for that

Whoever still needs stuff send my a FR, I’ve got Norfleets, I can get you what you need. jgcobb79