OP8 Terramorphous - Can't do it

The title basically says it all. Can’t seem to kill Terramorphous on op8. I have amazing gear and amazing build. For those who know of rleeson85, I have his exact gunzerker build. the usual DP unkempt herald, grog nozzle sherif’s badge chaotic evil monk. I have seen him use that build to kill terramorphous in 2-3 minutes. while I’m there for 10-15 and dying at his half health… I don’t get it. I tried practicing at lower op levels and working my way up and I defeated him in every other op levels. What am I doing wrong?


my skill tree

This game and even more so on op8 is not a gear check, there is a lot of skill involved and RLeeson might make it look easy but its not.

Are you hitting crits?
Are you getting Terra slagged?

I would watch what he is doing very slow and see what you are missing. If not keep at it.

You didn’t mention your shield so I’ll guess that you’re using an Antagonist, Blockade or RR. If it’s the RR I’d suggest this tweak:
Lay Waste would certainly proc from killing tentacles but I’d think the continuous benefit of All Out of Bubblegum might help better against Terra. Also, is the bonus with the com +6 to MS or the other skill? What grenade are you using? I keep a low level slag Bouncing Betty on hand just for fights like this- you might want to try a slag O-Negative. If you have it, switch to a Legendary Gunzerker mod to help with the cool down since you aren’t speced into I’m Ready Already with this build (a Hoarder mod would help as well if you can’t recover ammo fast enough from gunzerking or drops from killed tentacles). And of course, while the DPUH/GN might be the standard (and powerful) set up for Sal, don’t forget to use other weapons as well- Sand Hawks, Pimpernels and White Deaths come to mind…

Sal’s survival depends on his capacity to stay in Gunzerk so you always have a Grog out. Just switching to a Legendary Gunzerker COM will make the fight longer but you’ll be much less likely to die. The Monk COM only makes your money shots stronger, and killing him fast is not the problem here (otherwise you wouldn’t tackle him with what is basically a mobbing build) surviving is.

Can you post your build and full gear ?

…Also, anyone that can kill that boss in 2-3 minutes at OP8 with a “standard” DPUH/Grog build is…fishy… I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something unnatural at work.
Hitting consistent crits with a Harold on Terra is … Not impossible but…

Um- he posts his build in his second post and mentions his main gear in his first- long night last night? :sweat_smile:

Actually yes: codein wasn’t even enough to let me sleep. Anyway, he didn’t mention his shield and grenade. :smile:

…OK, so the build itself is nearly flawless, so that’s not the issue.

Well if push comes to shove he could always ‘Bee’ careful in his approach… :sunglasses:


Thank you all for the feedback. and my build is:

DP herald, GN, (dont use following:) interfacer [fire], lady fist
magic missile/storm front for beam tenticles.
bee when i first drop in for the amp damage, then i switch to antagonist/RR.

evil monk mod.

thats basically it. I did notice a difference in killing time when I slag him often. But that’s only in op7. Have yet to kill him op8.

I understand that I may be lacking in skill but the build should do me some good.

hey, thanks for the fedback, I have been doing better with the suggestions. But i still don’t do as good as the vids, and i don’t know, you might be right. But I should still be able to get a kill relatively fast. shouldn’t take me 15 mins for op7 kill… i do get lag on my ps3 maybe thats why i dont hit constant crits. but who knows lol

If you are attempting to solo kill Terra at OP8 and if the lag you mentioned isn’t just a framerate issue, you might want to consider setting your in-game network settings to offline. That should at least help a bit with the crits, assuming the lag has to do with your network connection and isn’t simply a framerate issue.

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You probably have problems hitting crits mainly because the crit points are far from you, they move a lot, your gun has a wide spread and slow projectiles… Even with perfect frame rate it’s still hard to crit Terra with a Harold.

I’m still trying to get the firing pattern of the Interfacer down myself but with a target as large as Terra you should be able to use it somewhat successfully. And the Lady Fist can transfer its bonus to crit to the main hand weapon IIRC- you might want to give it a try and see what happens. Also, as Chuck80 said, this is a fight about survivability first and foremost. Do you have a Two Gun Berserker or Unhinged Berserker class mod available (if you don’t have the Legendary Gunzerker)? The longer you can gunzerk the more damage you’ll be doing. Last thing, are you using ‘Pride Rock’ or are you waiting for him out in the open (underneath the overhang where the other Vault symbol is is a good spot for me)?

Since Terra washes off the slag within moments, I’d recommend using a BB grenade instead of Magic Missile. A BB slags repeatedly. That will help out while gunzerk is on cooldown. Switch back to MM if you run out of nades.


will try that. hopefully it gets better. i’ve tried about everything other than this to stop the lag spikes.

ugh… i don’t have bb slag element :/. i do have the nasty surprise, does that do?

I’ll jump in and play if you’d like. OP8 zerker. oAo Haywire

The thing about BB’s is that they keep slagging as long as the grenade is active. Other grenades slag once, and that’s it. Terra washes off the slag very fast, so to keep him slagged, you need to keep slagging all the time. If you have a Grog in one hand while gunzerking it’s no problem.

This isn’t a big problem since you’re able to gunzerk a lot of the time. On other chars it’s highly recommended to use a BB. It was merely a tweak.

The easiest way to get one is to buy a crossfire from a seraph vendor. Go back to NVHM and buy a level 30 one: it slags just as well, but you can’t kill yourself with it.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the crystals to spare, just farm vendors… Even a white one is fine, as long as it’s slag. The difference is the parts, so a white one will have longer fuse and deal less damage…neither of these things are relevant to a Terra fight, so it’s just as good as a purple one.

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