Op8 trading list

Looking to trade for OP8 fire norfleet, solider class mods/siren class mods, alkaline bee shield, shock sand hawk, fire conference call.
To trade I have
Vengeful infinity(fire,shock)
Double penetrating unkempt Harold
Magic missile
Nasty ogre
Redundant Logan’s gun
Casual swordsplosion
Slag sand hawk
Potent grog nozzle
Blood of the ancients
Sheriffs badge
Legendary ranger class mod
Sticky homing caustic leech
Longbow bonus package
Sticky longbow bouncing Bonny
Longbow storm front
The sham
Flame of the fire hawk
Black hole
That’s just some of my op8 gear

I have a shock sandhawk and soldier class mod to trade. GT AndyGee93

i have norfleet and others OP8 gears.
what is the stat of your Sham? is it 94%?

i can trade you a fire plenteous norfleet, a sapping sand hawk and a fire potential conference call. i can’t give you the alkaline variant of the bee but i have a very good blast proof variant.