** OP8 Twister?

Reading up on Maya, I see the Twister mentioned &, on looking it up it looks like a pain to farm! Anyone got an OP8 one for trade? I’ve got tons of other OP8 stuff.

My PSN ID is bevross
Please put a note re: forum or something, not just a blank friend request

I have a Barbed Twister, OP8.

If you have an OP8 Cobra, it’s yours.

gelatin – re: lower level (20-30) legends/uniques – i checked my mules & some –
20 skorry lyuda, slag
24 badaboom
40 juicy flakker20 heart breaker
4 level 39 sand hawks
30 barking volcano
26 dobby lyuda
27 deputy’s badge
26 sheriff’s badge
30 double unkempt harold
30 leg. berserker mod

35 chain lightning

not great but if any interest you?

I could do the Chain Lightning & Beserker Mod for my lower level Sal if that would be good for you. I have all the rest except for those two (below level 50, that is)

sounds good! will send friend request

Sound good to me too. I’ll be on tomorrow…same bat time, same bat channel.