OP8 Vulnerable Son of Crawmerax the Immortal vs Krieg the Psycho - With videos!

So yeah, I’m still learning the kinks of Hellborn Krieg but damn does he kill Crawmerax! Two kills, both sloppy but both kills regardless, one with a second wind on Craw and one with a suicide-revive inbetween Craw’s first and second phases. The first phase is the slowest with no adds to activate kill skills, once Blood Bath procs in the later phases it’s bye-bye Craw from there.

First kill - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhQdRqNGuaM

Better kill (with build and loadout) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-5enTzYLto


Watched the second one. That was a fun video! Subbed. I haven’t done anything with Krieg, but I love watching videos with him.

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Thanks! I think you’re my first subscriber lol :stuck_out_tongue: I intend to record my OP8 Dragon kill with Sal next, just gotta get it as smooth as possible, it’s hard to kill Incinerator in one landing.

I did Craw with Krieg again earlier today, tightened it up and shaved off about half a minute. I know BL2 is old and I’m not trying to become some YouTube “celebrity” but I’ve really gotten back into this game since Battleborn and I like using the record feature on PS4.

I’ll try keep some interesting videos coming, can’t record long mob runs though as PS4 only records the last 15 minutes, but I’m trying to do a quick Badass Magic Slaughter run with Krieg as well.

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Similar situation. Enthusiastic player with no celebrity aspirations, limited to 5 minutes of recording. I’ve never timed my Dragon kills, but it’s certainly over 5 minutes for me. I was only able to put up phase 4 of Invincible Son of Craw with Maya. That would obviously be pointless with the Dragons.

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Love it, I respect that. Nothing wrong with sharing and bragging about your conquests though :slight_smile:

I doubt I’ve done one under five, the RNG of the Dragons landing and Sal’s Inconceivable/Moneyshot can lead to very fast kills or gruelingly long fights.

I solo him with Maya, though the kill is far slower than Krieg and I don’t think it’s that impressive looking back, I could try record one though if you’d like to see it? The Dragons though, no effing way lol. I’ve tried, oh how I have tried, and can barely kill one most of the time, with a tank spec and a lot of Eridium for ammo shrines I might be able to do it but damn it would be slow. Nah, screw them lol. There is a video out there of someone killing them with Maya, not sure who it was, a little known player who used to upload Borderlands 2 videos and might be around on these here forums somewhere. IMO, he deserves more recognition, as proven by my not remembering his name lol :frowning:

I think Boreshot Zero is the guy you’re thinking of killing the Dragons with Maya. A few guys have done it for the time trials, as well as gun kills on Vora with Maya. Those are currently beyond me with her. In each case, the Harold --> Grog swap is the main healing, which obviously has to be flawlessly timed. Tricky for me on an XBox One controller.

Yes, I believe you’re right, and yeah I’ve seen the Vora kill with Maya too. I can’t comprehend having such good reflexes and reaction timing lol. I’ll admit that it is probably harder on console, but still, on PC I doubt I could pull that off.

I use the Harold -> Grog swap with Maya too, I think it’s really her only consistent way of healing against raids, but it requires precision, one eff up and it’s over and I have neither the patience nor the skill to do that against either Vora or the Dragons.

Edit: Then there’s the fact that Vora is the king of RNG while the Dragons are the princes, they’re such testy bosses and my patience is limited.

All points that I agree with. Even with Sal, I’ve taken Vora to 25% repeatedly, only to get dropped when Vora does an L-pattern double jump and I can’t turn on him fast enough.

I soloed him at OP0 (with OP0 gear) in an attempt to learn how to kill him at OP8. Eventually I found a build/loadout/strategy that not only worked against him but did so consistently. OP8 gear on, OP8 Vora. Nope. But, I took what I learned from OP0 Vora and applied it to OP8 Dragons, so as much as I hate him I must acknowledge that without him I may never have figured out a build and loadout to kill the Dragons with on my own, or at least not without a lot more (trial and) error and frustration.

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I went straight to OP8 Dragons for the trial and error part. It was brutal the first 5-8, then things started to fall into place. I think I got them around my 12th try, or so.

Full admission: having video to reference helped the learning curve significantly. I have no doubts that it would have taken longer if I hadn’t seen it done.

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I didn’t start watching videos until long into my Borderlands 2 campaign, but players like Derch and some of the BL2 speedrunners helped me refine my final builds later on and to learn and understand some of the more obscure mechanics of the game which have helped me to progress a lot further.

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awesome, subbed!

Cheers! I’ve been improving on this time over the last few days.