Open 50 red chests, really?

This is probably the worst idea for a weekly challenge ever especially since they stay open, hard pass on this one

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Actually they don’t if you close the game and reopen rather than save quitting to main menu.

So, that said the key is to go to Vaulthalla and Farm the Loot room multiple times, the bonus loot room especially. You’ll have 50 in less than a hour or so.

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nope tried quitting the entire game and returning to Reliance chest stayed closed but I will try vaulthalla

Droughts respawns for me. Same for Dumptruck’s and all bosses. I also switch between multiple characters frequently and zone out to multiple maps because I do a boss rush daily of the bosses with close fast travels.

I got to 36 with two Vaulthalla Runs, and then two runs of the Droughts (2 chests each, under the gun vendor at the HQ and under Dumptruck) and then Boss rushing the VIP Tower, Forgotten Basilica, Floating Tomb, The Great Vault, and the Destroyer’s Rift. My first Vaulthalla run I got about 12 red chests, so I should be done with one more run.

There is also a red chest on top of Ellie’s garage :slight_smile:

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where is the red chest in the forgotten basilica?

Kill the Ravager and enter his Vault for two.
Same with the other Bosses. I forget which one of the Vaults only has the gray eridian chests, but there is one that doesn’t have red chests. Blanking at the moment.

If I am remembering correctly it’s the vault you have to beat Troy to access that is all grey chests now

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Got one better - Vaulthalla has literally tons of red chests in one spot. The challenge doesn’t seem that bad now.

Farm Jackbot. The treasure room that opens up after you beat him has two Hyperion red chests that always reset upon save/quit. The red-tier chests in the game are supposed to be on a cooldown timer but those two are excluded (guessing because other content in that room (Eridian chests, etc) are randomly spawned and everything gets reset in one fell swoop, even though those two chests are always there.)

The chests at the end of the Trials also count as red chests and those also reset obviously.