Open Beta feedback from a Developer

Honest thoughts follow, opinions are my own, no harm is intended.

  • PreOrdered already, tested the Steam PC beta. (Microsoft copy of Win7 ‘N’ Ultimate 64bit/Inteli7-4/nVidiaGTX660)
  1. It’s fun but overly so. Too much going on, can’t tell where my head is at times.
  2. Have always loved Gearbox Borderland games but always wished ranged attacks were ‘gooder’.
    Ranged attacks in this game are simply pre-filters for traps of mob NPCs waiting to spawn once you move.
  3. Very hard to tell at times why an enemy isn’t taking damage or if there is a way to take their shield down or if shooting the shield will injure you. It’s something we’ll learn over time but right now it’s fuzzy.
  4. Not sure why but it’s hard to get people on your team to chat, which would be very helpful for battle preps.