Open Beta for Borderlands 3?

(Cptsinclair) #1

Borderlands 3 should have at least 1 open beta weekend before the full game release on Sept. 13, 2019. If there are no major problems during an open beta, this would help instill confidence among potential purchasers to pre-purchase. Otherwise, people like me will wait to buy several weeks after the official release until connection/server problems are ironed out.

Also, regarding the Apr. 2020 availability on Steam: I’d like to see a separate open beta on Steam too.

Any plans for EA or betas for pc users
(Gahzirra72) #2

Sign me up.

(Cheersploding as I type!) #3

I think it unlikely. The only betas I’ve seen gearbox do were for Battleborn and 1v1, and early shift testing. I’ve never seen one in the borderlands series.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding a ‘?’ to the title to avoid confusion.

(I'm the hero of all the villains.) #4

Yeah, seems unlikely for sure. They’d have to be focusing one hell of a multiplayer aspect to warrant such a thing.

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I’d appreciate a beta, but as I’m sure I’m going to be playing solo until I go through the game at least once with each starting class… lets just say I’m none too worried about server/connection issues.

(SerCrowes) #6

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for any of this- It’s only five months out from release, after all. A beta wouldn’t do any good other than to give them early insight into bugs that would be fixed after the game comes out, which at that point, why give a beta at all? It would sorta defeat the point.

Furthermore, a second beta for the Steam release makes even less sense- The game’s already been out for PC for six months at that point, releasing a beta isn’t going to dig up any new bugs. Giving players more confidence that there wont be connection issues has never been the point of beta testing.

Server stress testing like Dark Souls had for a few hours? Maybe. But a full open beta I heavily doubt.

(Almost a god) #7

i hope your on console because if you get it on the epic game store its gonna be always o n l i n e. so actually if u do play it on pc, even if your soloing you’ll deal with connection issues if there are any.


I’ve always gone console first with the BL games. I grew up on console shooters (blasphemy, I know) so it would seem that I have little to worry about unless they, for some twisted reason, make it online only. If it becomes more accessible on PC then I’ll see about grabbing a PC copy (probably only do it when a GotY version hits).

(LemonsForYouToo) #9

If there will be beta testers for bl3 I’d like to be one

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(Ukyo Sonoda) #10

I wouldn’t expect anything beyond closed beta with an NDA. Battleborn had an open beta due to being an online and team oriented game. However at its core unless this changed with BL3 its a single player game with optional Co-Op

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(Christianvdijk) #11

Five months…five… months… do you know how many playthroughs those are?
How many times Claptrap says he can dance or drops a new dubstep song he wrote?
Do you know how many raisin cookie vending machines you can blow up or how many times you can shoot Face McShooty in the face.

(jamesdoestuff) #12

even if we dont, atleast we get to see some other people play it on May 1st.

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(SerCrowes) #13

That’s all in Borderlands 2, a game that is already finished and doesn’t need pre-release feedback. But I’m assuming that was satirical.


I think the steam version needs a 6 month beta to make sure there are absolutely no bugs for the release.

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(Ukyo Sonoda) #15

But playing it with all the bugs and glitches is a whole different experience in some cases :stuck_out_tongue:

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(SerCrowes) #16

?? The one through Epic and the one through Steam are pretty much gonna be the same thing. No need to have a beta for a game that will have patches throughout those six months.

But you were probably not being serious, and insinuating that the Epic and Steam releases should be at the same time.

(Necronomicon Mortis) #17

Greetings… not a bad idea lets try some Little portion of the game or a co-oop mission.

(How much time do we have?) #18

I think that was actually a sly dig at getting the Steam release at the same time as the Epic one. Would be pretty funny to have a concurrent “beta” on Steam starting in September, but I suspect Epic would not be amused!

(Ukyo Sonoda) #19

Well there are vids and stuff out there saying there’s possible evidence of new DLC being made for BL2 and TPS potentially being the size of a campaign DLC due to placeholders and recent updates to the titles. So if you put stock into these things, we could say there is some possibility of new content on those titles possibly coming around the time of BL3 launch on console and EGS?

(How much time do we have?) #20

Or that could have just been the work preparing for the 4K updates to the Handsome Collection on PC, XB1X and PS4 Pro. Who knows?